I’m going to give you some tips on achieving a natural look. This Look will be perfect if you want to spruce up your look it’s great for running errands during the day.


First of all you need a base, try using a foundation that is lightweight and gives you a dewy look. If you have oily skin try using a blotting powder on the areas that you areconcerned about. BB and CC creams are great as well.


Then I used a concealer to cover up the area that I needed to cover up the most like under my eyes, around my mouth, and nose. After I used a setting powder in the shade banana, using a powder with a yellow tone it will brighten up your complexion.


For the eyes I used a quad from Lancôme has more of a cool tone taupe you can use more of a warm brown. Take the soft taupe brown in put that in your crease then to add a little bit of depth I added the deep dark brown in the crease as well and blend away the harsh lines. In the inner part of my lid and my inner tear duct add in a champagne color.


I filled in my brows with a powder rather than a pencil just because it looks a bit more natural. I didn’t use any black eyeliner to my look I replaced it with a brown color it’s still intense but not too bold like black.


For blush I used a soft pink color and added this rose gold powder as a highlight down my nose Bridge, cheek bones, forehead, and chin. Put on your mascara and a pink lip gloss to finish up your look.




This look is soft and subtle your skin will look flawless and will have a nice healthy glow. Thank you and good luck!