Having shoes all over the place doesn't look cute at all and creates a chaotic appearance in your living space whether it be in a small or a large one.

Today’s post is all about organization and on 10 ways you can store those heels, flats, sandals or sneakers.

Lets begin with the first idea:

The infamous shoe rack, yes we have all heard of them and maybe or still own one. This is a great rack to to keep all your shoes organized either by color or by style.

And now shoe racks come in different sizes and styles to suit your needs or to bring decor to your space.

The second idea are the good o'l shoe boxes themselves. For this DIY no spending money is involved just stack the boxes up in your closet and save the shoes in their respective boxes. By doing this you are still organizing your shoes.

The third idea are containers that are shaped like a box so pretty much plastic shoe bins.

With this idea you can see what shoes are in which bin and can make for easy access.

The fourth idea is a plastic cover organizer for your the bed, this method is nice because you can clearly see all your shoes and they are tucked in compartments.

The fifth idea to organize your shoes is by using a pull out shoe rack for under your bed as well. They will be nicely hidden and organized and exposed when its time for you to choose which show you will wear.

The sixth idea are shoe cubbies. You can see all your shoes in one place and keep them organized too. Shoe cubbies can go in your closet or stand alone in any space of your bedroom or that is convenient for easy access.

The seventh idea is a lazy susan for your shoes. I know I would love to have one of these myself but unfortunately i dont have much room in my bedroom for one but if you do this will look stylish and chic and of course organized. I included a DIY pic for the lazy susan.

All these shoe storage and organization methods can be easily purchased and some easily made at home using the right materials. Now lets move on to idea number 8.

This one is called a shoe ladder. Its basically a small ladder used to organize your shoes in a creative way.

No, not this one designed by the Tel- Aviv artist Kobi Levi. lol 

Wow! But isn't this a creative and stunning design? Its an actual wearable shoe.

Ok, let's get back to the simple shoe ladder. lol

The ninth idea is the plastic shoe organizer you can hang over your door. 

I really don't care for this one, but again it's what suits your needs and space that matter.

And the tenth idea to organize your shoes are a shoe shelving system.

sounds complicated but it only a shelf or a stack of shelves that hide when you close the front flaps or doors. 

This idea is great too and it displays nicely and discreetly.

Wow! those were a lot of ideas in this post and trust me there are many more but today I shared 10 and thanks to the web, I was able to find pics to include with this post to bring shoe organization to life.

So, now you can get an idea on which idea you prefer in your shoe style organization method.


Marian Marrero