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Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips.

Some of us have such delicate skin or we just don’t want to waste the money to purchase something and we’d rather use home made DIY concoctions. A lot of us have these ingredients lying around in our kitchen and don’t know it can be used as a something for dry, oily, acne etc.

Here are some recipes of some of the beauty secrets that have been around for a minute:

Cucumber is great for dark circles and when eaten its also great for making your skin tone even.

Green Tea decreases puffiness for example if you have puffiness under your eye you can you the tea bag you used to make your tea and put it underneath your eye for about 5-10 min. Also by drinking the tea it helps tighten your face pores.

Avocado reduces marks and wrinkles and eaten or made blended with a bit of water and applied like a face mask. It also Hydrates and Lightens skin tone.

Honey can be used to make a great face or lip scrub by just adding white granulated sugar.

I’m sure there are a lot more Natural Beauty Care Tips but these are the oldest ones in the book.

Bella Moore



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