Hello my beauties! It's time for yet another beauty blog and I hope you enjoyed the last! As trends change and summer is on it's way, lipstick is becoming quite the staple. While this lipstick trend seemed to grow over the winter months, it's really starting to pick up, even with those who tend to prefer glosses. The #1 complaint that I seem to stumble across is that ladies often have trouble finding the shade and type of lipstick that is just right for them. If you are anything like me, then you find the statement to be true. It has taken me years to figure out the colors that best suit me. SO, today I bring you tips on how you can determine which lipstick shade and texture is right for you!


  1. Skin Tone

The number one factor in determining which shade is right for you has got to be your skin tone. Just like foundations, your undertones can really have an impact on how well a lipstick compliments you! Below is a guide that may help you in determining which shades are best for your skin tones!

Source: www.rhulsean.com


Eye color

          The second tip I have for you today is to choose a lipstick to compliment your eye color. Our last blog was all about makeup that compliments the eyes and makes them pop, lipstick is no exception. Eye hue can actually help determine what colors will pop against your complexion which ties back to your undertones. This is just another way to tell which colors look best on you! Some examples: green eyes tend to pop with cherry red lips, Blue eyes look best with coral hues, and brown eyes are balanced out by pinks.

Source: www.today.com

  1. Hair Color

          To go along with the theme of the other facial features helping to determine the best lipstick for you, hair color is another great feature to work off of. Most of the time our hair color and eye color compliment each other. Also, they compliment our skin tone. Tie all of these feature together to really narrow down the colors that will look the best on you. Take into consideration the colors that look best with ALL of your features. Examples: Pink lipsticks compliment white/ashy blondes, violet tones compliment auburns, and women with brown hair tend to have a much wider range for the hues that they can pull off!

  1. Try on lipstick with a blank face.

        Try on lipsticks with absolutely no makeup on your face. This is a simple tip that I have praciced for some time now and it 100% works for me to be focused on how well the lipstick compliments my skin! Sometimes, when we have a full face of makeup on, we can get distracted from how well the lipstick really looks on us.

  1. Lipstick texture.

Lipstick texture is just another thing to take into consideration when trying to find your holy grail. Usually, the texture is strictly a matter of preference and not something that really looks good on one person and not the next. I prefer matte's, some people prefer satins or glosses. You can find the texture difference in the photo below!

BONUS! 6. Shades change with seasons

          This is a bonus tip that can really help determine which color is best for you. During the winter months when our skin tends to get lighter, dark shades can really compliment us, whereas during the summer months our skin tends to tan bringing out tones that bright colors compliment.

Spring/Summer Shades

Fall/Winter Shades

Finding the right lipstick for us can be a long and grueling task, especially if we dont know what our skin tones are, Te best thing we can do is try and try again! When one doesnt work we just move on to the next until we finally find that perfect shade for us. Thank you for reading my beauties! I hope you had as much fun reading as I had learning! New blog coming soon! Pinky Promise! <3


Love & Kisses,


Amber Crosby