When I think long lasting makeup, 3 products come to mind: primer, setting spray and setting powder. Now for people who have oily skin, like me, these are 3 products we can’t live without. Let’s go a little more in to detail about these products and how to use them.

    • Primer

      Primer is applied before makeup application and it helps to create a smooth base to start with. By applying a primer before foundation, your makeup has something to stick to, allowing it to last longer. Also, everyone has different skin issues, so if you do have oily skin, primer helps to keep the oil under control before applying your other products.

        • Setting powder

          Setting powder is applied after foundation. Whether it is a matte setting powder, a clear setting powder or a colored setting powder, it helps to set your makeup. Setting your makeup with a setting powder helps to make sure no excess oil gets through your makeup during the day.


            • Setting spray

              Setting spray helps prevent makeup from “melting” or smudging during the day. Setting sprays are usually quite light weight, so it doesn’t add any extra weight on your face and again if you have oily skin it can help mattify your makeup.

              By: Sarah Valji (Instagram: @la.fille.franglais)