Hello my Beauties!

Don’t you hate those days when your hair is FLAT, OILY, FRIZZY and you’re just having a bad hair day? Well you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to show you 15 ways to style your hair on a “bad hair day”.

  1. The Messy Bun.

Do a pony tail, tease the pony tail, twirl it and secure it with a bobby pin.

2. Change Your Part.

If your hair is looking a bit flat simply change your part for more volume.


3. Beanie with strait or wavy hair.

Flat iron or curl the tips, throw on a beanie and voila!


4. Twist Braided Bun.

Part your hair, make 2 braids, twist them and secure with a bobby pin.


5. Dry Shampoo.

On an oily, flat, smelly hair day add some dry shampoo flip hair and massage scalp and most of the oil and smell with vanish.


6. Upside Down Braided Do.

You basically flip your hair down, make a braid that ends by your ears, gather all your hair together and make a pony tail, and wrap hair into a bun.


7. Tame Fly-aways.

With some hair spray and a tooth brush tame your fly-aways.


8. Wet Crunched Hair Look.

Add water with gel throughout hair, flip hair and crunch.


9. Wrap a Turban.

Add turban to cover bad hair.


10. Halo Braid.

Split your hair in hair as if you are to do pigtails, braid each side and wrap around head. Secure with bobby pins.


11. Tease Your Roots.

If your roots seem flat, add some hair spray and tease the roots.


12. Twisted Headband.

Put on a headband, roll hair in head band.


13. Castor Oil.

If you have dry frizzy hair, add some castor oil to control it and style as usual.


14. Half Braid.

Part your hair on one side and braid the front hair.


15. Quick Wash.

Have oily bangs?

Quick wash them with water and

shampoo, blow dry them and style as usual.