I’ll be honest with you. I’m not one of those “textbook” make up artists who live by the holy grail of make up artists before us. While their tips and contribution to Hollywood (which, let’s face it, is where we get all our trends) are greatly appreciated, there are some standards that as a professional I swear by, and others not so much. I am a firm believer in the fact that there are no rules to make up. Just, have fun and create. While ideally this hippyesque way of thinking works for me, unfortunately it’s not always practical.

In today’s blog we will be discussing lip liner and the proper way to use it. Now before ya’ll start talkin about, “That’s so 90’s” or “Who has time for lip liner” or my absolute favorite, “Is it really necessary?” Think about this: Is there any unnecessary step to having a flawless face that lasts all night? I didn’t think so. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed. I’m gonna share my tips with you and some of my techniques also some other make up artists’. 


Let’s start with what you’ll need:

  1. Lip liner (choose a shade that either blends naturally with your lips or one that compliments your lipstick.)

  2. Lip stick (choose a base shade as well as a lighter shade to create a full pout through highlighting)

  3. Lip gloss

  4. Lip scrub or tooth brush

  5. Lip balm

  6. Concealer pencil, or just a concealer and an angle brush


Step 1: Make sure lips are soft and smooth by removing any dead or dry skin. This can be done using a lip scrub or a moistened tooth brush and gently scrubbing


Step 2: Apply lip balm. This step locks in moisture, plumping the lips and keeping them soft throughout the process. This is also a very important step if you are wearing a matte lipstick so that your lips don’t look or feel dry.


Step 3: Line the lips. Start with the spot on the lips that need the most correction, or evening out. Liner is supposed to finish or fill any lip defects along the perimeter of the lips. Once this is done sufficiently, fill in your lips with the liner. This step is vital as the liner doubles as a primer for the lipstick and locks the color in for longer lasting, bolder color.


Step 4: Apply lipstick. Start with a base shade. Apply to both lips, be sure to blot excess to avoid color getting on your teeth. Some people put their thumb right in the center of the lips just to blot that area. I’ll leave that up to you. Once you have applied your base shade, apply the lighter highlight shade to the center of the bottom lip, and a tiny bit to the center of the top lip. Press lips to blend

Step 5: (optional) Apply lip gloss. Kiss, and you’re all set!!!


Well babydolls, that’s gonna do it for me. Hope this blog was helpful and eye opening. Below are some of my favorite tips and diagrams. Enjoy, love ya!!!! Be sure to LIKE my FB page www.facebook.com/queenoftheglammed and follow my Insta @queenoftheglammed_mua. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates and special offers!!! Tweet to me @lovemakeuplife. And if you’re in the market for 100% Cruelty free mink lashes check out www.nubounsom.com/angiebrand and use my code: queenoftheglammed for 20% off your entire purchase!!!!

-Angie Brand