Hello my beauties,

I’m back with more tips and tricks, and today's tips will be on wearing hair extensions. There are a lot of ways to wear hair extensions for example you can clip them in, glue them in, sew them in, tape them in, and micro-bead them in.

                              But…today I’m mainly going to talk about clip in extensions, as they are the go to, quick, do it yourself, and most popular in my opinion.


    • Sectioning your hair is probably the easiest tip. You’ll section the hair in 3 sections one on each side above the ear, and the big back part is the third section.

        • Start from back lower area of head but leave about 2 and a half inches from the neck.

                                                                                        This will allow extension to hold to a larger amount of hair other than baby hairs

          •  Tease hair close the root for extensions to hold better and that way in case you comb through your hair with a comb your hair extensions will not slip out.

            • Do NOT forget to number your hair extensions that way the next time you put them in you don’t put them in the wrong place.

                • After putting in your hair extensions have your stylist blend them in by cutting them according to your haircut, and this is why the tip before this one is important.


                    • To avoid extensions from also known as track from showing, install them half an inch away from the hairline.

                        • You can always sew in extra clips for more security. The clips may be purchased at your local beauty supply for under $3 but don’t forget to get the weaving thread, which can also be purchased at your local beauty supply for about $7. You can also get the color of both clips and thread to match your hair.

                            • Avoid adding so much hair product on your hair extensions as they may begin to shed quicker.



                                • You accidently got blond hair extensions? No problem you can dye them dark! Or you can even get creative and dye them ombre.


                                  • Lastly, it is recommended to wash your hair extensions every third time they are used and to wash to one direction (top to bottom) with shampoo and conditioner.

                                  And those were the ones that I can think about from the top of my head but I’m sure there are a few more out there.


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