So many parties so little time! The perfect hairstyle has to match your outfit and it also varies between the types of hair you have. Today, I will be showing you a few easy to do hairstyles for the holidays. I will be including some with long and short hair to create a more diverse blog post. And for most of these hairstyles I will be trying my best to avoid hair straighteners and curlers because let's be real, we don't have time for that around the crazy holiday season. But after all it is the holidays, and we all want to get a bit dressed up and look a little extra. So here we go a few hairstyles that are easy and can do in a snap before heading out.

10.The Half Knot 

This hairstyle has gotten around a lot and it has been very popular this season. Not going to lie, it is kinda cute and very easy to do. It is simple and effortless and all you need is a few pinks, hair spray for an extra hold. I am digging this half messy yet cute look. (Image)

9.Side Bang Braid


This one works great with any length hair. If gives a bit of glam and fancy to it but it is so easy and quick to do. This side braid is an inspiration from Lauren Conrad (my all-time fav)! I tried using the John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Collection as she mentioned on her blog and it really works well for me. You can read more about her article and tutorial here: PS She’s so gorgeous, I can’t even.


8.Retro Bouffant

This one is a bit leaned towards short hair. Although short hair is easy to maintain and style daily, it is a bit harder to get it dressed up for the festive holiday season. I find this retro style really easy to do and give a bit more poof and volume to it. It takes a few bobby pins and a bit of tease to create a retro look. Like I said, it adds volume and dimension to your hair. You can also add a sparkly headband for an extra fun festive look! (Image

7.Rolled Pony Headband

This one is for all those layered cuts. Sometimes it's a bit trickier to style layered hair. This vintage rolled pony uses a cute embellished headband to keep the loose piece all together, plus it definitely adds that extra dose of glam to the hair! This one does take a little bit more time and effort; it requires a curler. But it is definitely worth the look! Check out the full tutorial here:

6.Hair Bow

This one is a fav. It is just SO damn adorable and pretty. It is a simple look but it has a festive feel! This hairstyle is pretty much using a small section of your hair to make a thin bow. You can also make the bow thicker if that suits your hair more. It's a deciding point between subtle or statement. (Image)

5.Twisted Sister

We are getting a little bit harder, but a little bit fancier and more glam. That’s what we want after all for the fabulous holiday season! Although it looks a bit more, it is still very easy to do when you follow it step by step. I love a nice twist; it adds some elegance and a classier overall look. As mentioned on StylesWeekly“This twisted hairstyle may provide a wonderful solution to make a stylish updo hairstyle for women with thick hair.”(Image)

4.Side Braid

A side braid is always nice for the holiday and even for a everyday look. It's chic and cute. I find that to keep a side braid lasting all day it is so important to add a texturizing spray all over, it gives a clean, dry and tousled hair look. First, gather all the hair to one side and then braid it. Easy as one, two, three. Secure it with hair elastic and you can always cover it with a bow made from fabric store ribbon to a complete Holiday look!


  1. Triple Flip

I am in love with this one! I found this one on Real Simple and this is so easy to do. Here are the steps: Center-part your hair and pull back a narrow section from each temple to the nape. Then, secure with an elastic hairband. Flip the tail inward, through the V formed by the two strands—Topsy Tail–style. Repeat directly below with two more pairs of strands; secure and flip each pair. (Image)

  1. Elegant Curls

We are getting complicated again, but I couldn’t leave this look out! Do give around 30 minute for this hair-do. Unff, I love it so much though! It is SO flattering this curls looked is a 60's inspired hair do. It is flattering and feminine and of course, simple (simple looking, I mean).

If you don’t have natural curls, start by creating them with hot rollers or a curling iron with a 1.25-inch barrel. (If you need a refresher, see Bryan’s video tutorials on how to curl hair with hot rollers or how to use a curling iron.) Hair should be clean, but if you need a little texture, spray dry shampoo throughout, and run your fingers through your hair to distribute it. If you have to curl your hair, allow up to 45 minutes for this style. Step by stepinstructions here:

  1. Sleek and Slick

Inspired by one of my role model, Emma Watson is the slicked down strands. This one requires super straight hair. So remember to give you hair strands a quick pass with a hair straightener before working styling gel through mid-lengths and ends to secure the look. Be careful not to use too much-a dime-sized amount or less, depending on the thickness of your hair. (Image