Different types of hair calls for different types of hairbrushes, similarly, different purpose calls for different tools. The better the hairbrush means less damage to your hair. There are four main types of hairbrush I use on a daily basis. A few years ago, I only had one hair brush that I used for everything. So I can totally understand how the change going from one brush to three; but at the end of the day, it is definitely worth it!


Naturally I have straight hair, so my main hair brush is the Revlon Perfect Style Ion + Ceramic Brush. It works very well in regards to straighten the loose ends of my hair in the morning. The gel grip of the brush is great for holding and works very well for days I don’t really feel like doing much to my hair. The bristle of the hair brush is tipped/balled and works gently through my hair. I also find the bristles to be perfectly dense enough for my thick and coarse hair. I find that it is always best to brush with hardy, wide-spaced nylon bristles. The vented base also allow my hair to dry quick while styling.


      The second hair brush I have is the Magic Bean and it is mainly for untangling my hair. Some days after showering my hair becomes a bit poofier then I want it to be. So, with the xxx brush it helps detangle the knots of my hair. After doing so, I finish my hair off with the xx brush. Occasionally, when I have overnight curls it gets SO knotted the next morning and my hair is everywhere, so the xx brush really helps with bring everything back together and into light curls. I usually use the Frizz Ease with it and it really helps with untangling and frizzing. This is also an alternative choice from the Michel Mercier.


        When my hair is wet and tangled, I tend to stick to using a comb. Wet hair is often quite fragile and susceptible to breakage, so using a brush sometimes be damage you hair. By using a comb it works out snarls and snags. A tip is to consider using wide-toothed comb.


            The last hair brush I use is the CHI: Turbo Round Nylon Brush, I use this brush mainly for a blowout. It is important to find a brush lift your hair with the bristle. This particular brush is a round barrel with compact bristles which allows lifting and tension while drying. Most round brushes are made for blowout, and are made from ceramic, as well as vented in the center which speeds up drying when blow drying (and at the same time protects your hair from heat)