Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Great holidays, festive times, but most of all I love the fall fashion.  For me, I dress very minimalist as it is, and fall whether makes it so easy for me to do so.  With that being said, every girl should have basic pieces in their closet that can be interchanged into different outfits and worn time after time again.  Let’s not think so restrictive and instead, expand our minds when it comes to fashion.  So!  Check out some basic fall pieces that anyone can wear, very affordable, and very versatile! 




Beanie’s are my go to headwear accessory.  Not only do they help cover up what can be unsightly matted hair but are very trendy for fall weather.  I especially love the large knit beanies that tend to slouch on your head.  I have even found some at my local beauty supply for $7! 


Oversized Sweater 

Oversized sweaters are really cute, in their own little granny, grandpa, kind of way. You can wear an oversized sweater with just about anything such as some leggings or yoga pants, or skinny jeans and a maxi skirt. The options when it comes to styling an oversized sweater are too many to think of, so take advantage of them! I personally love bright colored sweaters.




I think this is a must, but in case you missed the memo, boots are a total fall must have. Boots are just something that you know you need to have, so it’s second nature. Whether you rock short ankle boots, or tall riding boots, no heel, or high heel, get you a good quality pair of boots. I can guarantee your boots will be worn at least 50 times before the season is over!


Hobo Bag 

A nice, long lasting hobo bag is a must, but more so a life saver for me. If and when I find one that is interchangeable with most of my fall outfits, I won’t be changing handbags. A hobo “keeper” is another must for fall because not only is it fashionable, it is also very utilitarian, storing more in itself than what the eye would think it could store, and being a busy fashionista, that comes in handy!


Fall Lippie 

Last but not least, a great fall basic is a good staple fall color lippie. For Fall, I gravitate more towards darks such as plums, burgundys, and browns, or nudes, naturals, and earth tones. For any lipstick in one of those color palettes I suggest Nyx Cosmetics. They have a variety from matte to high gloss, and their lippies are less than $10!


What’s some of your fall basic musts? Comment below and let us know!