Blogger Picks: Top 5 My Makeup Brush Set Products To Own

Blogger Picks: Top 5 My Makeup Brush Set Products To Own

Top 5 My Makeup Brush Set Products To Own

Whether you’re here with the intentions to buy the one thing you’ve had your eye on for a while or you’re just having a browse, we both know you’re going to end up with a basket full! I’m definitely the type to fill my basket to the brim but a lot of the time I have no idea what to keep and checkout with. So, just to help you out a little bit, here are the products I think everybody needs!

6 Piece Lip Stain Peel Mask

These have been out for a while now but do you remember the buzz around them when they first made an appearance? There was a reason for that. I’m pretty sure everyone has tried these by now and if you haven’t then you’re missing something pretty good. I’m a huge fan of anything ‘peel off’ because it’s just so satisfying and I’m also a fan of anything that saves me time and effort in the morning (maximum beauty sleep is essential to me) so for me, these lip stains are so handy! They aren’t the neatest product to apply but it’s easy enough with some doe foot applicators and a steady hand but it isn’t actually too important for the application to be perfect as long as your cover your lips! All you have to do is apply a quick layer on your lips and wait for it to dry down, then peel it off! Of course it isn’t as vivid of a color as what comes out of the tube, but it’s enough to notice you’ve got some color on your lips! They’re perfect to do before bed, so you can wake up ready for the day without having to apply lipstick!

Rose Gold Perfect Eye Shadow Blending Brush Set

I’m a massive admirer of this set for many reasons, reason one being the color! You’d be lying if you said that rose gold doesn’t automatically catch your eye and I think it’s one of those shades that fits in with any aesthetic and always looks classy. Let’s also just consider that this has twelve eye brushes, way more than anyone needs in one sitting but it’s always a good thing to have too many brushes (less cleaning is a major perk for my fellow lazy girls) and it comes with a free travel case to make storage super easy!   

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

I love a bit of storage to keep my every day products organized – it just makes everything so much easier! Acrylic is always the best way to go too when it comes to makeup because it’s easier to keep it simple and de-cluttered (when you can see what’s in it you’re more aware of it) and if you’re as messy as I am with pretty much everything you own, you need something that’s easy to clean and only requires a quick wipe! Of course I know that not everyone has a place to keep products on show, but if you’re going to then this is definitely the way to go!

Silicone Sponge Applicator

This is another product that I absolutely love – as weird as it may be! When these first started making their rounds on social media, I have to admit they freaked me out a bit! I couldn’t imagine the texture being very nice and application just seemed impossible – but I took the plunge and I’ve never looked back! My silicone sponge now takes pride of place on my dressing table and I reach for it every time I use a more high-end foundation. There is absolutely zero waste with this and that’s a big factor in my love for it, so I can use my makeup without feeling like I’ve just tipped half of it down the sink! It glides over the skin so smoothly and it’s almost as soft a beauty blender when you’re blending your makeup, it’s not very often that I ever need to go back over my foundation with a sponge!

Professional Detangling Wet Styler Hair Brush

I heard a phrase once that was ‘your hair is a crown that you never take off’ and it’s quite possibly the best way to think about your hair that I’ve ever heard! It doesn’t take a lot to look after your hair but a lot of people don’t realize they’re damaging it half of the time so it’s always good to be proactive! Lots of people believe that brushing your hair as much as possible helps keep it healthy, but you should really be doing the opposite. It’s best for your hair if you only brush it when it’s tangled and it’s even more fragile when wet so this brush is perfect for keeping your hair in good health! This is designed to be a lot softer on your hair and make de-tangling wet hair so much easier!

October 13, 2017 — AN CAN
66 Color Lipstick Palette Review

66 Color Lipstick Palette Review

If you're reading this then I'm assuming you've had a good look at what on offer here at My Makeup Brush Set - As you can see, there are plenty of products available and they're all at super affordable prices (not to mention the worldwide shipping) and if you haven't checked them out yet then may be missing some great deals. If you're anything like me then you've already scoured the entire site (hence seeing this) and ended up racking up quite an amount in your online basket - whether you need it all is questionable but there's no judgement here! 

Of course, brush sets are the main squeeze around here but there's so much more to get your hands on and check out! As far as makeup goes, you can check out Eyes or Lips where we stock lashes, shadows and various lipsticks and as I mentioned before, it's all really affordable and the value for your money is amazing. Now, my basket is full to the brim but there's definitely a stand-out product in there for me! The one that really caught my eye was the '66 Color Lipstick' palette for a couple of reasons - it instantly reminded me of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Lip Palette which quite frankly, is way out my budget and however the versatility of the palette is what is so amazing. Alternatively, The 66 Color Lipstick Palette allows you to get both versatility without breaking the bank.  

You've got your standard red and pinks in a range of hues but the ones that you look at and think 'I'd never be able to make that work' (mainly the blues and yellow) are ideal for mixing up your own colors. All you need is a clean surface, a mini spatula and a small pot if you want to make a decent amount and preserve your customized color! A little added bonus is that you can find a mixing spatula on the website as well! 

You can make a range of colors with the selection in the palette, adding a little bit of blue to your reds to make them more vibrant or adding a more sizable amount to create a purple hue! Of course there are a ton of ways to go, but I'd be here all day if I listed every single option, plus it'll be more fun to have a play around and see what you make (although I do suggest making note of colors you use just in case you make your perfect shade and want to recreate it)! There are actually a few colors in this that are similar to those in the ABH Lip Palette, so if you're struggling with where to start you can always check out YouTube for some inspiration. It's definitely a product worth giving a go and at $9.99 for 66 lip shades, you can't really go wrong!






September 26, 2017 — AN Commerce
Umbrella Cut Oval Brush Set Review

Umbrella Cut Oval Brush Set Review

With great make up application comes great responsibility. Well, maybe. But if you don’t have a good make up application tool, your foundation is left with streaks and blotches - which isn’t the most ideal surface for everything else. So what do we do?

Lately, with the invention of make up sponges and silicone blenders, to even absurd objects like rulers and light bulbs, we’ve seen our favorite Instagram make up junkies use a variety of different items to get that photo finished look. But the most underrated of all are the oval brushes.

My favorite is the Umbrella Cut Oval Brush Set (, now on sale

This beautiful brush set is 100% quality, for such a great price too. The rose gold and white exterior is not only beautiful, but convenient as the umbrella cut offers an ergonomic approach for a flawless finish. You’re getting 10 different sized brushes to help you effortlessly get the professional Instagram ready look. These brushes range from foundation and setting powder brushes, cheek blush and contour brushes, concealer brushes, eye shadow brushes and lip finish brushes.

What I like about these brushes is that it’s designed to apply your make up evenly and quickly, so you can easily move on to the next step. The brushes are also extremely soft, so if you have sensitive skin — you’ll be more than happy you purchased these brushes! They’re literally heaven sent. Also, the smaller brushes are perfect if you’re going to contour your nose. They’re the perfect size!

Before these brushes, I’ve been the biggest supporter of sponges. No matter which look I was going for, sponges were my go-to for blending and general application. But what I enjoyed about these brushes was, aside from the look and feel of the brushes themselves, the application process was not only effortless, but flawless too. I’m completely convinced that oval brushes are the way to go — especially the Umbrella Cut Oval Brushes.



And if the application and soft bristles haven’t convinced you yet, can we talk about the speedy delivery? The item ships in 3-4 days, and you get a full satisfaction guarantee with these brushes. But of course, you will definitely be satisfied once you see the results you get with these brushes.




All in all, a great product for a better price. With the original retail price being over three times the price listed, you really can’t go wrong. Your skin will thank you once you feel how soft these bristles are, as well. If you’re even contemplating getting any oval brushes, I highly recommend you take a look at these Umbrella Cut Oval Brushes! I guarantee you, you will never go back to the sponges, your fingers, or any other regular brush again.



September 25, 2017 — AN CAN

10 Piece Aphrodite Oval Brush Set Review

Image Courtesy of Hitesha | via

Beauty and fashion blogger, Hitesha, grew up watching her Mother do traditional makeup and recalls being very fascinated and picked up a makeup brush at the young age of 5. On her blog, Hitesha shares her thoughts on the 10 Piece Aphrodite Oval Brush Set. 

Read full review here

Image Courtesy of Hitesha | via

October 12, 2016 — AN Commerce

24 Piece Jet Black Makeup Brush Set Review By The Luxicon


Image Courtesy of The Luxicon | via 

The girl behind The Luxicon, Kate is a fashion, styling and beauty blogger who shares her thoughts on her recent purchase from My Makeup Brush Set. She shares her review on the 24 Piece Jet Black Makeup Brush Set. 

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August 25, 2016 — AN Commerce

Warm 88 Product Review


For me, I like to look naturally beautiful, especially when it comes to my makeup. I love colors that compliment my skin, consisting of warm, radiant, and vibrant color palettes. So when I discovered the 88 Warm Eyeshadow Palette by My Makeup Brush Set, I was in instant love!


Even though it's a warm palette you get a variety of colors from nudes, pastels, and colorful selections, each with a hint of metallic to make it pop. The formula itself isn't messy, very easy to apply, and doesn't make a mess like other powder based eyeshadows. Here shown are my three favorite colors from the palette, simple, natural, yet very much bright and chic! Make sure to head over to My Makeup Brush Set to get yours and the other fabulous products they have!


July 01, 2015 — Alex Judge

10 Piece Bamboo Brush Set-Review

Hey there lovelies!!!! I hope this blog finds you all glowing and gorgeous!!! Today I will be writing a review on a set of brushes that is sold right here on My Make Brush Ok, so don’t judge me. I have been blogging for the site for about 3 months now and I had never tried the brushes. OMG…IKR!!!! Terrible. I even had a friend (who didn’t know I blogged for them) ask me if I’d ever tried their brushes. I had to (reluctantly) admit that I blogged here and that I hadn’t tried them. Talk about awkward!!!! So I decided to order some.

I ordered the 10 pc. Bamboo Set. When the brushes arrived, I immediately noticed how soft and fluffy they were. Even after shipping they still had a good shape and came in the cutest little travel bag and the bamboo handles are everything. Ok, so they look nice, feel nice, but how well do they work? I am an absolute skeptic, and especially when it comes to my brushes. Usually when things are priced super low, I’m leery of the quality. I had a fashion show coming up, so I decided I would run them through a full test; 21 models, cleaning, drying and using the same brushes for an entire day.


If you notice in the picture, this set has everything you need for a full face. It has a foundation brush, flat angle brush, fluffy blenders for eyeshadow, flat top blending brush which is amazing for blending cream foundations, and a flat top kabuki brush which does wonders for blending powders and bronzers, also a blush brush. Everything!!!!

So, at the fashion show I totally had a make up 911 situation. One of the (new) artists on my team had done one of the models make up. It was beautiful, however, it failed the flash test. OMG I was mortified!!!! Banana powder everywhere!!! So after a second, I thought, let me try the blending brush. I handed it to her confidently and said “Try blending it with this, just blend”. The result was amazing, better yet, I’ll show you:


UNBELIEVABLE!!!! RIGHT???!!!!! At the risk of sounding extremely lame, I have to say that My Make Up Brush Set brushes totally saved the show!!!! True story.

What’s even more unbelievable is the price. I would suspect a set of brushes like these, of this caliber would run any where from $50-$80 easy. However, this entire set is only $14.99. Literally ships within 24 hours and is available in all sorts of colors. You can order yours at right now!!!!

That’s gonna do it for me ladies. Thank you so much for reading. I’m so excited to share my pix with you from the show. Most of the images were taken by an amazing photographer Emajhn Johnson of 770 Photography. Be sure to check out his work at and book your next shoot with him!! Don’t forget to subscribe for special deals and updates. Check out my FB page and follow my Instagram @queenoftheglammed_mua and to see my full portfolio check out my website and if you’re in the market for mink lashes (which all the models are wearing in the photos) head to and use my discount code: Queenoftheglammed for 20% off!!! Love you ladies!! Leave comments, let me know what you all think of the blog, the review and the pix. Like and share!!!!!!

-Angie Brand



9 Color All-Natural Eye Shadow

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a product review on one of my favorite eye shadow palettes! Its 9 amazing and versatile natural shades that can be used to create multiple looks for your eyes. Usually I don’t buy a palette more than once. If there’s a shade I love I try to buy an individual pan of the color, but ALL the colors in this palette are exceptional. The shadows come in a cute tin that makes it perfect for on the go. It also comes with a fold out that includes directions for 3 different looks.

The looks…

On the left I did the classic eye, which uses the soft shades, and on the right I did the fashion, which uses Honey Pot to create a nice pop of gold. I love how soft these shades are and how well they go on.


The shades…

Heaven: Creamy off-white matte shade

Silk Teddy: Rose colored plush pink shade with shimmer

Nude Beach: Blush colored nude shade with shimmer

Velvet Revolver: Light tan matte shade

Push-Up: Taupe/rose gold shade with shimmer

Honey Pot: Bright gold shade with shimmer

Sexspresso: Dark brown matte shade

Erotica: Light brown matte shade

Cocoa Puff: Medium brown matter shade


Pros and cons…


  • Shades are versatile and can create endless looks

  • Brown shades can also be used to fill in eyebrows

  • Lighter shades will help your eyes look more refreshed or awake

  • All day wear without creasing

  • Compact and perfect for travel

  • High quality eye shadows with high pigment


  • May not show up as well on darker shades of skin

  • Will not satisfy someone who wears heavy eye makeup


I HIGHLY recommend this product and the best part is that you can get it from My Brush Set right now for only $29.99. Buy it here.


If you have any questions about this product please feel free to ask!



6 Color Concealer Palette for Review

Hello my Beauties!

So today I received the 6 Color Blush/Bronzer from and let me tell you, the shades are so pigmented! I absolutely loved it! That’s not all its only $8.99 !

6 Color Blush/Bronzer - $8.99


I automatically ran to my vanity to try them out, here are some pictures of myslef with the bronzer (6), highlighter(2) and powder(3)..


As you can see on the pictures I didn’t add so much product because a little does go a long way. I loved that the powders are all Matte and you get contouring, shading, blush and concealing all in one, which makes it perfect for weddings, proms or just to go out and have a girls night out.


Make sure to purchase yours at



Bella Moore♡




How to Use a Cosmetic Blending Sponge

Hey everyone! Have you heard of the Beauty Blender?! I’m sure you have. It’s EVERYWHERE. Every major makeup retailer and drugstore has them. I recently attended a makeup class that was selling them and even though the artist never touched one during her entire lesson they still sold out. So what is the Beauty Blender? The Beauty Blender is basically a tear dropped shaped makeup sponge that is used wet to create an airbrush finish without the airbrush. In this blog I’m going to talk about the different types of Beauty Blenders, how to properly use them and basic maintenance. Enjoy!

Different shapes and sizes…




Teardrop: The teardrop is the standard Beauty Blender shape. It is used for all over face application. Use the smaller side for more precise application of makeup and the larger side for all over face.

Pear: The pear shape applies the same as the teardrop but is easier to grip.

Sculptor: The sculptor is used for heavy foundation application.

Spade: The spade is used for concealer and precise applications of product on smaller areas.


Time to get blending…

            Now that you’ve picked the shape you feel will work best for you, it’s time to get blending!! The Beauty Blender is extremely easy to use. You can use it to apply liquid foundation, cream blushes, concealers and even powders!


  1. Submerge you blender in water.

  2. Squeeze blender under water to make sure it’s evenly saturated.

  3. Squeeze out excess water.

  4. Place blender in a towel and squeeze.

  5. Place a little bit of the liquid or powder on to your blender. You can do this by either placing a little bit of product on your hand or a clean surface. Then just dip your blender into it. You can also apply the product directly on the blender. I find it easy to place the product on my hand first if it’s liquid.

  6. Once product is on your blender you can bounce or stipple it on to your skin to create a well blended airbrushed looked. DO NOT rub product onto your skin.

  7. When you’re done applying your makeup with your blender you can rinse it and squeeze the excess water out. Simply leave it out to air dry until you need to use it again.


A few tips…

  • You can use the Beauty Blender dry but it will work better

  • Buy a cheap paint pallet from a craft store to put your liquid or loose powder makeup on while using your blender (get one here). It saves you from making such a mess.

  • To clean your blender just use a makeup brush cleaner or an antibacterial soap. Simply rinse it, apply the cleaner and squeeze a few times then rinse out any remaining cleaner. Let air dry when finished.

  • Replace your Beauty Blender every 3 months! Just like brushes, bacteria and makeup buildup will occur even with regular cleaning.

Name brand vs. off brand…

The actually Beauty Blender brand only makes the teardrop shaped blender currently. Although, they sell it in a few different sizes and also carry a few accessories.

  1. Class Pink Beauty Blender $19.95 Buy it here

  2. The Body Beauty Blender $28 Buy it here

  3. Liquid Blender Cleanser $17.95 Buy it here

 There are so many Beauty Blender imitators out there I couldn’t even begin to find them all! While most are slightly cheaper than the name brand there are a few that are more expensive. What I like most about some of the off brand blenders is that they come in more shapes. Based off of reviews, I found that the actually Beauty Blender brand holds up better than most of the others. Here are a few off brand blenders I found.




  1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $5.99 Buy it here

  2. Bundle Monster 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Sponges $12.75 Buy it here

  3. Studio Basics Expert Complexion Sponge $4.99 Buy it here

 Final verdict…

            Play with the different shapes and sizes and find the brand you love. These products are all pretty affordable so just find your preference and stick with it even if it’s not the name brand Beauty Blender!

 Have any questions about this blog? Or these products?

Please ask! I’d love to answer of your questions!

Stay beautiful,