Hey everyone! Have you heard of the Beauty Blender?! I’m sure you have. It’s EVERYWHERE. Every major makeup retailer and drugstore has them. I recently attended a makeup class that was selling them and even though the artist never touched one during her entire lesson they still sold out. So what is the Beauty Blender? The Beauty Blender is basically a tear dropped shaped makeup sponge that is used wet to create an airbrush finish without the airbrush. In this blog I’m going to talk about the different types of Beauty Blenders, how to properly use them and basic maintenance. Enjoy!

Different shapes and sizes…




Teardrop: The teardrop is the standard Beauty Blender shape. It is used for all over face application. Use the smaller side for more precise application of makeup and the larger side for all over face.

Pear: The pear shape applies the same as the teardrop but is easier to grip.

Sculptor: The sculptor is used for heavy foundation application.

Spade: The spade is used for concealer and precise applications of product on smaller areas.


Time to get blending…

            Now that you’ve picked the shape you feel will work best for you, it’s time to get blending!! The Beauty Blender is extremely easy to use. You can use it to apply liquid foundation, cream blushes, concealers and even powders!


  1. Submerge you blender in water.

  2. Squeeze blender under water to make sure it’s evenly saturated.

  3. Squeeze out excess water.

  4. Place blender in a towel and squeeze.

  5. Place a little bit of the liquid or powder on to your blender. You can do this by either placing a little bit of product on your hand or a clean surface. Then just dip your blender into it. You can also apply the product directly on the blender. I find it easy to place the product on my hand first if it’s liquid.

  6. Once product is on your blender you can bounce or stipple it on to your skin to create a well blended airbrushed looked. DO NOT rub product onto your skin.

  7. When you’re done applying your makeup with your blender you can rinse it and squeeze the excess water out. Simply leave it out to air dry until you need to use it again.


A few tips…

  • You can use the Beauty Blender dry but it will work better

  • Buy a cheap paint pallet from a craft store to put your liquid or loose powder makeup on while using your blender (get one here). It saves you from making such a mess.

  • To clean your blender just use a makeup brush cleaner or an antibacterial soap. Simply rinse it, apply the cleaner and squeeze a few times then rinse out any remaining cleaner. Let air dry when finished.

  • Replace your Beauty Blender every 3 months! Just like brushes, bacteria and makeup buildup will occur even with regular cleaning.

Name brand vs. off brand…

The actually Beauty Blender brand only makes the teardrop shaped blender currently. Although, they sell it in a few different sizes and also carry a few accessories.

  1. Class Pink Beauty Blender $19.95 Buy it here

  2. The Body Beauty Blender $28 Buy it here

  3. Liquid Blender Cleanser $17.95 Buy it here

 There are so many Beauty Blender imitators out there I couldn’t even begin to find them all! While most are slightly cheaper than the name brand there are a few that are more expensive. What I like most about some of the off brand blenders is that they come in more shapes. Based off of reviews, I found that the actually Beauty Blender brand holds up better than most of the others. Here are a few off brand blenders I found.




  1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $5.99 Buy it here

  2. Bundle Monster 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Sponges $12.75 Buy it here

  3. Studio Basics Expert Complexion Sponge $4.99 Buy it here

 Final verdict…

            Play with the different shapes and sizes and find the brand you love. These products are all pretty affordable so just find your preference and stick with it even if it’s not the name brand Beauty Blender!

 Have any questions about this blog? Or these products?

Please ask! I’d love to answer of your questions!

Stay beautiful,