With great make up application comes great responsibility. Well, maybe. But if you don’t have a good make up application tool, your foundation is left with streaks and blotches - which isn’t the most ideal surface for everything else. So what do we do?

Lately, with the invention of make up sponges and silicone blenders, to even absurd objects like rulers and light bulbs, we’ve seen our favorite Instagram make up junkies use a variety of different items to get that photo finished look. But the most underrated of all are the oval brushes.

My favorite is the Umbrella Cut Oval Brush Set (https://mymakeupbrushset.com/products/umbrella-cut-oval-brush-set), now on sale

This beautiful brush set is 100% quality, for such a great price too. The rose gold and white exterior is not only beautiful, but convenient as the umbrella cut offers an ergonomic approach for a flawless finish. You’re getting 10 different sized brushes to help you effortlessly get the professional Instagram ready look. These brushes range from foundation and setting powder brushes, cheek blush and contour brushes, concealer brushes, eye shadow brushes and lip finish brushes.

What I like about these brushes is that it’s designed to apply your make up evenly and quickly, so you can easily move on to the next step. The brushes are also extremely soft, so if you have sensitive skin — you’ll be more than happy you purchased these brushes! They’re literally heaven sent. Also, the smaller brushes are perfect if you’re going to contour your nose. They’re the perfect size!

Before these brushes, I’ve been the biggest supporter of sponges. No matter which look I was going for, sponges were my go-to for blending and general application. But what I enjoyed about these brushes was, aside from the look and feel of the brushes themselves, the application process was not only effortless, but flawless too. I’m completely convinced that oval brushes are the way to go — especially the Umbrella Cut Oval Brushes.



And if the application and soft bristles haven’t convinced you yet, can we talk about the speedy delivery? The item ships in 3-4 days, and you get a full satisfaction guarantee with these brushes. But of course, you will definitely be satisfied once you see the results you get with these brushes.




All in all, a great product for a better price. With the original retail price being over three times the price listed, you really can’t go wrong. Your skin will thank you once you feel how soft these bristles are, as well. If you’re even contemplating getting any oval brushes, I highly recommend you take a look at these Umbrella Cut Oval Brushes! I guarantee you, you will never go back to the sponges, your fingers, or any other regular brush again.