Top 5 My Makeup Brush Set Products To Own

Whether you’re here with the intentions to buy the one thing you’ve had your eye on for a while or you’re just having a browse, we both know you’re going to end up with a basket full! I’m definitely the type to fill my basket to the brim but a lot of the time I have no idea what to keep and checkout with. So, just to help you out a little bit, here are the products I think everybody needs!

6 Piece Lip Stain Peel Mask

These have been out for a while now but do you remember the buzz around them when they first made an appearance? There was a reason for that. I’m pretty sure everyone has tried these by now and if you haven’t then you’re missing something pretty good. I’m a huge fan of anything ‘peel off’ because it’s just so satisfying and I’m also a fan of anything that saves me time and effort in the morning (maximum beauty sleep is essential to me) so for me, these lip stains are so handy! They aren’t the neatest product to apply but it’s easy enough with some doe foot applicators and a steady hand but it isn’t actually too important for the application to be perfect as long as your cover your lips! All you have to do is apply a quick layer on your lips and wait for it to dry down, then peel it off! Of course it isn’t as vivid of a color as what comes out of the tube, but it’s enough to notice you’ve got some color on your lips! They’re perfect to do before bed, so you can wake up ready for the day without having to apply lipstick!

Rose Gold Perfect Eye Shadow Blending Brush Set

I’m a massive admirer of this set for many reasons, reason one being the color! You’d be lying if you said that rose gold doesn’t automatically catch your eye and I think it’s one of those shades that fits in with any aesthetic and always looks classy. Let’s also just consider that this has twelve eye brushes, way more than anyone needs in one sitting but it’s always a good thing to have too many brushes (less cleaning is a major perk for my fellow lazy girls) and it comes with a free travel case to make storage super easy!   

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

I love a bit of storage to keep my every day products organized – it just makes everything so much easier! Acrylic is always the best way to go too when it comes to makeup because it’s easier to keep it simple and de-cluttered (when you can see what’s in it you’re more aware of it) and if you’re as messy as I am with pretty much everything you own, you need something that’s easy to clean and only requires a quick wipe! Of course I know that not everyone has a place to keep products on show, but if you’re going to then this is definitely the way to go!

Silicone Sponge Applicator

This is another product that I absolutely love – as weird as it may be! When these first started making their rounds on social media, I have to admit they freaked me out a bit! I couldn’t imagine the texture being very nice and application just seemed impossible – but I took the plunge and I’ve never looked back! My silicone sponge now takes pride of place on my dressing table and I reach for it every time I use a more high-end foundation. There is absolutely zero waste with this and that’s a big factor in my love for it, so I can use my makeup without feeling like I’ve just tipped half of it down the sink! It glides over the skin so smoothly and it’s almost as soft a beauty blender when you’re blending your makeup, it’s not very often that I ever need to go back over my foundation with a sponge!

Professional Detangling Wet Styler Hair Brush

I heard a phrase once that was ‘your hair is a crown that you never take off’ and it’s quite possibly the best way to think about your hair that I’ve ever heard! It doesn’t take a lot to look after your hair but a lot of people don’t realize they’re damaging it half of the time so it’s always good to be proactive! Lots of people believe that brushing your hair as much as possible helps keep it healthy, but you should really be doing the opposite. It’s best for your hair if you only brush it when it’s tangled and it’s even more fragile when wet so this brush is perfect for keeping your hair in good health! This is designed to be a lot softer on your hair and make de-tangling wet hair so much easier!