During our 20’s we tend to wear more revealing clothes because were young and feel sexy. When we’re in our late 20’s our bodies start to change we have kids, our metabolism slows down we get curves that we didn’t have before.

We want to look sexy but so much, changes. We need to keep up with the trends, you don’t have to show so much skin and still look sexy but classy.


You don’t have to wear tight clothes to look sexy either.

(TOP) She’s wearing wide legged striped soulmate pants and paired it with a red lose blouse.

A single haircut can change your appearance. Play around with your hair.

Believe it or not the older we get the better shorter hair looks on us.

A trench coat is a must. It add a more sophisticated look!


We cannot forget about our skin and makeup. As we get older our skin starts to lose elasticity and firmness. Experiment with makeup contour and highlight.


Open your eyes more with makeup. Try moisturizing your skin more and adding anti-aging creams.


Bella Moore