Have you ever woken up to a giant pimple on your forehead? Or worst… a bunch of acne on a random spot right in the MIDDLE of your face. What do you do?! OBVIOUSLY, LOTS AND LOTS OF CONCEALER (DUH?). There are lots and lots of concealer, foundation, bb cream, cc cream, all types of products that you can use in order to hide that skin breakouts. There are also treatments you can take when your skin does breakout, this way it can get rid of all the flaws ASAP.  The best is to do both, hide and get rid of it. Try these products below for a speedy recovery from breakout fever!

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The best concealer you will ever find is the Cover FX Customer Cover Drops. Chances are you have heard about this superb product before because this thing gets you the picture-perfect color. This product is to be used with either a moisturizer, oils, creams, or foundation, and it really helps with getting rid of full breakouts while blending through the liquid pigment to making it a go-to concealer or foundation.

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The classic Mac Studio Finish Concealer is THE ONE for those random giant pimples on your face. This product is water resistant, fragrance free and non ancnegenic. This one only comes in eight skin tones versus other brands usually have a few more, but a MAC consultant can always help you find the matching shade for you. An additional *bonus* is that it is high in SPF meaning it will help with sun damage, fine lines and skin cancer.


REMEMBER: before you apply foundation or concealer please don’t forget to put your primer on. Since your face has bumps, the primer will help smoothing your skin out before any products is being applied. Another thing to remember is when you are putting concealer on the key thing is to dab and not rub. There are those flaky suborn super nasty looking pimples that shows terrible dryness when you smudge foundation on – SO DAB!


Want to get rid of the pimple ASAP?! The Mario Badescu drying lotion will be your best friend once you try it. This is a highly coveted acne treatment that helps with refreshing and repairing any flaws and spots. If we get more scientifical, this product is made with calamine and salicylic acid, AKA it soothes whiteheads overnight without irritating surrounding skin. BTW - this is what celebrity uses! 

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