Recreate These Celeb Makeup Looks

Recreate These Celeb Makeup Looks

Here at My Brush Set we have a huge collection of makeup tools, products, brushes and much more! Recreate some of the most trendy makeup looks for this summer! Today we are going to show you how you can recreate these celeb makeup looks with our products!

July 20, 2021 — AN PHIL
Monthly Round-Up: Our Favorite Spring Time Glam Looks!

Monthly Round-Up: Our Favorite Spring Time Glam Looks!

Pastels, Neutrals, and Glow! These are essentials for beauty looks this spring. We’ve been seeing a ton of beauty influencers and celebrities rocking some pretty natural looks with pops of springtime colors. Not sure what to create for your next spring time look? We’ll show you what our favorites are for this season. Wear it to a quarantine birthday, wedding, or any special day of yours.

Check them out below:

Let’s start off with this super springy look worn by Lucy Boynton! Her makeup artist, Jo Baker, created this multicolored eyeshadow look with cream and pressed matte eyeshadows. Baker said in an interview that this look was inspired by magical ice cream colors, more specifically the gelato in St. Marks Square in Venice. How cool is that!

You can recreate this look easily with our Original 88 Shadow Makeup Palette! You’ll have tons of colors to choose from and experiment with. If you recreate this look, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your makeup posts - @mymakeupbrushset - we’re excited to see!


Our fav TikToker, Addison Rae, served this rosy spring look on her instagram! Her makeup embodies that warm glow you get from being outside in the spring sun. She utilized her favorite blush to give her a flushed beachy look paired with defined mascara and a fluffy brow. It’s amazing to see how much blush can pull your face together to look more lively.

You can uses any of our blush palettes to recreate this look! Just make sure to go easy on the amount of product on your brush. With blush, a little can go a long way! You can even use your blush to bring in some pops of pink and peach to your eyes. Just dust on a bit of blush to tie your whole look together and you’ll be ready to walk the walk and talk the talk - just like Addison!


Yara Shahidi always has the best natural and glowy glams in the beauty scene. She can pull off everything, but she posted this slick eyeliner look that will definitely have heads turning. In her caption, she says that her character 'Zoey' from the show Grownish would be rocking this same look!

It’s easy to remake in any color! You can use a pastel colored eyeliner to outline the shape of your eyelid hood with a precise liner brush! It should look like a moon cut in half. If you don't have colored eyeliner, you can always make your own by mixing a liquid (water, beauty oil, serum) into a highly pigmented eyeshadow, making it into a paste and quickly lining your eyelids with it! This is a very unconventional way to do your eyes, so be prepared for those compliments! 


Don’t you love all of these looks? I can’t choose which one is our favorite… But, we can’t wait to see all of you remake these. Browse our brushes, palettes, tools, and more! Find what you need to make the look you want. Make sure to tag us on instagram with @mymakeupbrushset or use our hashtag in your posts #mymakeupbrushset so that you can be featured on our feed or Instagram Story!


May 19, 2021 — Amar Gandhi
Top Skincare Trends of 2021

Top Skincare Trends of 2021

Remember when everyone was obsessed with finding the perfect foundations, concealers, and highlights? WE DO!

I’m sure we’ve all perfected our makeup routines, but now it’s all about skincare! Everyone has finally realized how important it is to take care of your skin, so that your makeup can look ever better. There have been so many new skin care products that are helping to target acne, puffiness, premature wrinkles, dullness, and more.

If you haven't gotten started on your new skin care routines, we’re here to help guide you through the top five skin care trends that you should hop on for 2021.


It’s always important to use a good face cleanser, but it’s more important to make sure you’re using the right tools to get a deeper clean. Although you can simply wash your face with your hands, using a face brush get deeper into pores and lifts out leftover makeup, dirt, and debris. You can opt for a Facial Cleansing System like this one which offers soft bristles, with multiple speeds. Make sure you use a brush like this whenever you wear makeup to ensure that your face is being cleaned properly.


Sunscreen is HUGE step in skin care. You’d be surprised to know how much the sun can damage your skin overtime. Many beauty influencers, aestheticians, and dermatologists have stressed how important it is to find a good sunscreen. Unfortunately, some sunscreens can leave a white cast on your skin that may make you look like a ghost. We’ve found that mixing your sunscreen with a foundation can help blend it into your skin tone better. To mix it, you can pump your sunscreen and foundation on our mixing palette and easily apply it to your skin, mess-free and uncontaminated. This is a step that you shouldn't be missing in your routine!


Cold facials are a staple in skin care. Theo helps to lessen swelling, eliminate puffiness, reduce oiliness, and ease any active acne on your skin. It helps to boost your skin’s glow and helps to keep it nice and tight. If you’re trying to combat puffiness, using an Ice Roller like this would help your skin out big time! Even with the warmer weather coming up, it will help to reduce ant heat flares as well! Of course, you can always use ice cubes but who wants a melted mess with freezing water running down your arms!


If your battling with acne scars, dermarolling has become a popular way to help rejuvenate your skin and treat acne scarring. It’s important to make sure that you do not use the derma roller on active acne, only on the scars. The derma rollers use fine needles that gently puncture the skin to help break down scar tissue. The “punctures” trigger the body’s wound healing response and the skin starts to make more collagen, stimulate growth, and new blood vessels. Overtime, new skin is revealed with your acne dramatically faded. 


If you're someone that is terrified of getting wrinkles or if you’re trying to prevent any further wrinkling, rollers have shown up to save the day! Many skin lovers have been using Jade Rollers or Rose Quartz Rollers to help with anti-aging. These facial stones on the rollers have a cooling effect that not only de-puffs but tightens the skin. When you use these rollers, they also encourage lymphatic drainage and increase the elasticity of your skin. When you drain out your lymphatic system, you reduce the process of wrinkling and fine lines in your face. There are so many rolling routines that you can find online that will help you out! But first, get your rollers.

See how much skin care is important? There are so many little things that we have to be mindful of to keep our skin up to par. These were five things that are trending in skincare right now but there are so many others that will definitely show up soon - see you then! Click here to browse our skin tools!!

May 12, 2021 — Amar Gandhi

How to Have the Ultimate Skincare Routine

This Mother’s Day we will be sharing all our tips and tricks that we believe will help elevate your makeup routine to perfection. This blog post is targeted towards all the busy mothers out there that are too busy with their hectic schedules to make time for a little bit of self care. We all know that not everyone has the time nor the facilities to have a luxurious spa day every weekend, and we do not expect you to either! Self care comes in all different forms and is deeply reflected upon the condition of one’s skin that is the single most largest cell in our body. So naturally, it is incredibly important that we take care of our skin. Today we will be discussing the many ways that you guys, especially our busy moms can help their skins to glow.  

Below are some of the many things we can do to help ensure a flawless skincare routine 

Health Should be a Priority 
First of all, to start taking care of your skin, one has to start this journey internally. It is very easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive products and then still not see results because topical care can only take you so far. Health should be the #1 priority for all individuals out there, especially your mothers.  We all know how hard working you all are and how you think that it is your responsibility to take care of everyone. But it is now time to put ourselves first and start taking care of our own selves. By eating good food such as fruits and veggies and drinking lots and lots of water, you will get one step closer to the glass skin that we all hope to achieve.  
Beauty Tools 
After understanding that beauty begins from one's internal journey, we can then move on to the physical ways to help make taking care of our skin easy.  My Brush Set, offers many different products that help ensure that our skin is benign, maintained and protected.  Items such as the Jade Face Roller and the Jade Gua Sha Tool, are two of most popular beauty tools that are used to massage one’s face to help blood circulation, reduce inflammation and overall help your skin breathe and heal.  This Mother’s Day, why not head over to our website and try some of these products out for yourself, you will see a difference immediately! Other than beauty tools, we also encourage you to do facemask occasionally, doesn't matter if it is homemade or store bought. The main idea is that you take the time to take care of your skin, even little things such as washing your face twice a day goes a long way! 
Sunscreen IS Vital! 
Lastly, it is incredibly important to understand that prevention is way easier than treatment.  Everyone needs to start taking care of themselves before the damage is done then it will be even harder to reverse it.  Yes, I am talking about sun damage!  Many tend to overlook the benefits of sunscreen and especially with the pandemic forcing all of us to stay indoors, many tend to think that they don’t even need to wear sunscreen. However, that is not true at all.  No matter how cloudy it might be outside or even if you are spending the entire day indoors, it is incredibly important to finish off our skin care routine with some sunscreen, because the sun’s UV rays will always reach us and cause massive amount of negative impacts such as increased wrinkles and dryness and even skin cancer in extreme cases.  
This brings us to the end of this blog post, this was just scratching the surface, but I hope you all learned something and feel inspired to do all that we can do to feel beautiful, on the inside and outside. There is so much more we can all do to help achieve the ultimate skin care routine! Make this Mother’s Day memorable by heading over to our website and placing an order now and check out the wide selection of beauty tools on our website!
Click here to check out our store and browse the entire skin care collection on our website.


May 06, 2021 — AN PHIL

5 Different Brush Sets That Are Prefect For This Mother's Day

Want to find the perfect present for your mom but don’t know what to get her? Don’t worry because we got you covered! It is so easy to get caught up in the confusion and worry of not knowing what to get your loved one when there are a million things to choose from.  Now with the COVID-19 pandemic it has made going outside to shop and ask for advice even more difficult.   However, you have no need to worry because at My Brush Set, we have all that you are looking for. Makeup brushes are a great  investment as they are fundamental to any given makeup look. Treat a person you love this Mother’s Day by checking out the Mother’s Collection of our high quality makeup brushes that are easy to carry around and use. 
Below are some ideas to give your mom or any loved one this Mother’s Day that will help make a massive difference in their makeup routine!


The first recommendation we would like to make is the 24 Piece Jet Black Brush Set, which is an all time staple! This makeup brush set comes with all that you need to slay your beauty routine on a daily basis. This collection consists of 24 different brushes that are carefully crafted to be used on every aspect of your face.  They are 100% synthetic and cruelty free.  This makeup set also comes with its own carrying case which makes life much more convenient by making traveling way easier.  This Mother’s Day surprise your loved one with a holy grail of a makeup set that is a must have for all makeup lovers out there!


The second recommendation for the ideal present this Mother’s Day is our high quality and unique 10 Piece Black and Gold Oval Brush Set.  This makeup brush set is a life saver and signature that helps to perfect one’s blending and ability to contour.  As you can tell, these brushes are not your typical makeup brushes. They are purposely built like a “toothbrush” to help increase efficiency and perfect your beauty routine.  These brushes guarantee perfection and ultimate coverage by making the application process much easier. This set will include 10 different 100% synthetic and cruelty free makeup brushes.  These makeup brushes come with long lasting and heavy duty handles and are promised to hold their shape with no bristle fall out which will ultimately help waste less makeup.


The third recommendation that we have for you guys, that will make a flawless Mother’s Day present is the 7 Piece Brush Set in Round CaseThis makeup brush set consists of 7 unique brushes that is perfect for beginners and people who may not be that familiar with makeup. These makeup brushes are 100% synthetic and cruelty free as well and can be bought in three different colours. This set has everything that you need for everyday makeup use and also comes with a cute portable round makeup case, which ultimately helps you to stay organized and efficient.  Go on and grab this set right away and enjoy the makeup journey that is ahead of you! 

Next we have the 24 Piece Wooden Master Brush Set, which is a gorgeous foundational piece that will help you to work on many different aspects of your face. This makeup set has everything you need and more to help you have a perfect makeup look! The set contains 24 Piece Wooden synthetic bristle makeup brushes that are cruelty free and ideal for any makeup look you are interested in trying out.  Make this Mother’s Day memorable by buying this for your loved one and making their day and makeup routine, ten times better! 

The last recommendation for the best Mother’s Day present is the 10 Piece Mini Travel Kabuki Brush SetThis makeup brush set is designed to help apply makeup evenly across your skin and helps to give a flawless skin finish.  Just like all our makeup brushes, this set is also cruelty free and made up of 100% synthetic bristles. the  10 Piece Mini Kabuki Brush Set is all you really need when you're on the go and with its aesthetically pleasing carrying case, it makes traveling even more fashionable and convenient.

This brings us to the end of this blog post, the 5 makeup brush sets discussed were just a few of the many that are available on My Brush Set. Make this Mother’s Day memorable by heading over to our website and placing an order now!

Click here to check out our store and browse the entire Mother’s Day collection on our website.


May 05, 2021 — AN PHIL
Top Prom Makeup Looks of 2021

Top Prom Makeup Looks of 2021

Everyone wants to look picture-perfect on prom night, and that means staying on top of the prom makeup trends this year. The ideal look should both compliment your dazzling dress and make your best features shine. All girls want to look elegant and beautiful on prom night. Some girls prefer to go for pretty yet simple makeup looks for a natural finish, while others choose bold and daring styles that stand out. To inspire you with cool and cute ideas, we’ve compiled the best prom makeup looks to get for your special evening out. 


Keep It Simple

This makeup is cute, provides a youthful look, and is so simple that it goes with any dress style. It’s only slightly more complicated than an everyday makeup look, and because the eyeshadow and lipstick tones match, you don’t need to overthink it. Start with a natural matte foundation, add some bronzer, and fill in your brows. Next, are some peachy shadow and matte liquid lipstick. The final step is to curl your lashes and add a simple coat or two of mascara. For an extra touch of glamour, add some extra wispy false lashes. From prom to homecoming to school dances, this look will highlight your cute facial features and enhance your styling without appearing to be caked-on or heavy!

Smokey Eye

Is there any prom makeup look more classic yet eye catching than the smokey eye? Give it a modern update by incorporating some metallic shadow – use colors that coordinate with your dress or corsage. The key to achieving a perfect smokey eye is working with your natural shape. Concentrate the darker colors at the lash line and the outer edge, with the lightest tones on the inner corner. It gives your eyes depth without making them look hidden. When it comes to applying false lashes, choose ones that are longer and thicker at the ends, which will amplify the smokey shape and allow the lashes to truly be shown against the dark shadows. To keep the focus on your eyes, add a subtle nude lipstick to top off this look.

Get Your Golds On

Two colors that go together in a chic and trendy way are gold and rose gold; the pair can be used to execute the most glamorous prom makeup look. Incorporate these metallic tones through eyeshadow, lip color, and even blush. On the eyes, go with a gold base on the lids, and layer with the rosy color metallic on the crease. Then be ready to blend, blend, blend to ensure the colors fade into one another seamlessly. Next, a matte nude or rose lipstick will bring out your eyes without overpowering the look. Last, be sure to add a light dusting of blush on the apples of your cheek.


Monochromatic at prom makes for an elegant and cute fashion statement for the whole night. Match your eyes, lips, and cheeks to your prom outfit to pull together a fiery monochromatic makeup look. When picking out a color, be sure to diversify your palette – don’t just choose one shade of a color. Instead, mix things up with your monochromatic prom makeup. Use a light shimmer for your eyeshadow, then go with a bold darker shade for the lip. Varying the tones will add dimension to your look. To make sure that your monochromatic makeup looks glamorous and chic, add a white highlight to your inner eyelids and gloss on top of your lips. This look - if done correctly and to your liking - is surprisingly wearable and oh-so-fierce.

 Bold Lip

A bold lip can spice up, literally, any look. If you don't feel like putting much effort into the other elements of your prom makeup, throw on a statement lipstick, and you're good to go! Go with bright pink, red, or purple, or darken it up with a black or dark red. The good thing about a bold lip is there are so many colors to choose from. Play around with the colors and see what goes best with the dress you chose, whether it be blue, green, or purple shades. Add some dimension to the lips by choosing a complimenting lip liner. You can over-line your lips for a dramatic, bolder, and more enhanced look. 


Take your natural look from day to night with contouring techniques that enhance your features. For a classy and elegant look, go for winged eyeliner, a smokey eye, or a bold red lip. Choose the makeup that brings out the color of your dress, but make a statement with your lipstick and shadow – it’s all about balance! Whether you’re planning for prom, homecoming, or even a virtual formal, it’s important to envision how your foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick can elevate your style. However, the most important aspect of makeup is not just the cosmetics, but the tools, brushes, and blenders you use in order to execute the look flawlessly. Check our wide variety of makeup tools below and click the pictures to shop now!



April 30, 2021 — AN PHIL
Top 5 Mother's Day Brush Sets!

Top 5 Mother's Day Brush Sets!

With Mother's Day being right around the corner, you may still be in the market for some wonderful gifts for your special one. With so many possibilities, finding that perfect option can be tough. On top of all that, many areas of the world are unopened due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leaving many to resort to online shopping, scrambling for ideas on the massive internet market. Well, for those still looking, we have exactly what you need.

Makeup essentials are a great gift idea for mother's day 2021. With majority of in-store shopping unavailable, makeup brush sets are one item you don't need to worry about when it comes to online shopping. With that in mind, I have found five of the best makeup brush sets on the market to treat your someone special this mother's day. These intricate brushes are designed to stand the test of time and give you the best functionality possible! With premium quality and immense attention-to-detail, these brushes will fit perfect in any girls makeup arsenal.


1. 24 Piece Babylicious Pink Brush Set

To crack the start of our mother-friendly list we have a consistent top seller and community favorite, the 24 Piece Babylicious Pink Brush Set. This phenomenal 24 piece set is the best brush pack on the market! The elegant white and pink mixture create a lovely brush that gets all of your makeup needs done. The added travel case adds a sense of portability to this already spectacular brush set, and allows you to take it wherever you please! With exceptional durability these makeup brushes will stand the test of time and have you looking stellar for years to come. Transform your makeup arsenal and notice a difference after your first use. You won't regret following the hearts of our community and choosing our top product!



2. 12 Piece Pink Ombre Makeup Brush Set

Claiming the second spot on this list is a fantastic brush set built to last, the lovely 12 Piece Pink Ombre Makeup Brush Set! These 12 brushes are sure to set themselves apart in your makeup collection and stand out greatly through their effective and efficient use. The glowing pink faded into a sky blue create an elegant ambiance while you're doing your beautiful makeup. These 100% synthetic brushes come alongside a wonderful brush holder adding a lovely hint of color to your makeup setup. All in all this brush set is filled with wondrous beauty and gives any customer a dashing look of confidence and beauty. Try it out today, once you try it, you won't look back! 


3. 12 Piece Rose Gold Perfect Eyes Brush Set

Continuing down this list, we have an evermore elegant twist to the generic makeup brush set. Our spectacular 12 Piece Rose Gold Perfect Eyes Brush Set is packed with luxurious vibes and wonderful color. These 12 fantastic brushes are ideal for the eyes, and will have your makeup looking stellar every time you use it! This glamorous brush set is. here to deliver on your every makeup need and will be your best friend when you need it. Alongside this, the rose gold brush set comes with an added carry case, creating the perfect holding spot for whatever you need! With expert craftsmanship and exquisite design, ace your makeup routine instantly, and never look back. 


4. 15 Piece Pro Marble Brush Set

Coming in at fourth on this list we continue the luxurious trend and follow up with the lovely 15 Piece Pro Marble Brush Set. Filled with glamor and trendy style, these 15 brushes will make perfect for any occasion. The premium quality marble combined with the rose gold trim creates the ultimate elegance in a makeup brush. If you want an iconic look with stellar brushes, you've come to the right place! No matter the required detailing, get it done with the plethora of brushes in this set. Go on, grab yourself a set of these brushes and begin your extravagant journey of makeup heaven! 


5. 22 Piece Midnight Rainbow Brush Set

The final instalment on this list is our gorgeous 22 Piece Midnight Rainbow Brush Set. By looking at one photo of these tremendous brushes, you can see the pure beauty each individual brush holds. With a variety of midnight-related colors collaborating to create an all-inclusive rainbow spread, you can find exactly what you need for any makeup job, and fast! The beautiful rainbow bristles on the end of each brush play a part in giving you the dream beauty look you have always went for. Whether they're on your desk or in your hand, the color-filled brushes will pop out and instantly create a noticeable difference in your beauty skills. Find your something special with ease! 


Wow! Nothing but marvelous brushes and iconic looks to make this upcoming mother's day special. Whether you're looking for a luxurious vibe, color, or simplicity, we have what you need. These five brushes are just a glimpse into the world of My Makeup Brush Set and will get you going on the right path of beauty. Create a new look for yourself, and spruce up your atmosphere simultaneously! 


Interested? Add an Elegant Touch of Beauty to your Home Today! 

April 28, 2021 — AN PHIL
7 Trendy Makeup Looks for Summer

7 Trendy Makeup Looks for Summer

Neon Eyes

Inspired by the Oscar de la Renta Spring show and Dua Lipa, neon eyes are super trendy! While the year has been quite glum so far, summer comes with warm weather and many opportunities for seeing loved ones. There’s no brighter way to show your happiness than with a neon eye look!

Heavy Blush

Strong blush has been trending recently for its romantic and over-the-top look. It also adds a touch of drama to any look! This makeup technique has been especially popular with “E-Girl Makeup”. Any strong, peachy blush is perfect for summer! Simply use any large powder brush from our brush collections to layer the blush onto your cheeks!

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is the perfect futuristic and clean-cut makeup look! Although it might seem hard to pull off due to the amount of precision and clean edges necessary, this look can be achieved with practice and the right brushes. Any small detail brush from our brush sets can help you achieve this look!

Watercolor Eyelids

A traditional smoky eye requires you to blend out various shades of colors. Makeup artists are taking eyeshadow a step further by blending contrasting colors together to create a watercolor effect! This can be achieved with our brush set that includes various blending brushes! Use any of our eyeshadow palettes to find the watercolor shades of your dreams!

Stained, Glossy Lips

Stained, glossy lips are all the rage today as they give off a natural and dewy look. To achieve this look, pick any one of your favorite lip shades and apply it all over your lips. Then, take a darker lipstick shade and dab it into the center of your lip to create a gradient effect. Then go over with any clear gloss and you’re set!

Dewy Skin

Ever since the beginning of quarantine, natural makeup has been all the rage! Part of this looks requires a dewy skin look. This skin, paired with a warm bronzer and natural highlighter is all you’ll need this summer! Look through our skincare section to find your ideal products to keep your skin hydrated!

Orange Lips

One of this summer’s biggest trends is orange lips! It’s the perfect warm, yet bright pop of color for your face. Dotting a sheer, orange lipstick onto your lips will give you a natural and healthy glow!


Click here to start shopping!

March 31, 2021 — Amar Gandhi

5 pieces your makeup kit needs for summer 2021

As summer 2021 is fast approaching, it’s time to begin prepping your summer beauty kit. My Makeup Brush Set has many fantastic products, sure to cover all of your makeup kit needs. In today’s blog I will be going through 5 pieces which are essentials for your summer makeup kit! 


First off our Bamboo Brush Set should be a staple in everyone's makeup kit. Our beautiful, 10 piece bamboo brush set is made with all natural & recycled materials. Letting you create stunning looks while protecting the environment! Each brush has soft and fluffy synthetic bristles. Which makes good for those with sensitive skin. With this set, it’s easy to achieve any makeup look, flawlessly!


Our 20-color concealer palette has everything you could need to conceal, correct, and contour your face. The 20-color palette is great for many occasions, whether you’re hanging out with friends or going on a first date this palette will cover all of your needs. The palette contains 12 concealer shades, six corrector shades, as well as highlight and contour shades. The creamy consistency of the concealer makes it ideal for custom blending and always provides a smooth application. Get yours today!


Our Slim Bag Purse Organizer is a must have. You can get all the makeup in the world, but what good is it if it’s not kept in a safe, organized, portable bag? The Slim Bag Purse Organizer can give you all of that and more! The organizer lines the inside of your favorite handbag and keeps all of your items in place when you switch the organizer from bag to bag, so you don’t have to waste time reorganizing everything. The Slim Bag Purse Organizer is made of easy care cotton and polyester, has 13 pockets in an array of sizes (2 Large Zip Pockets and 1 Large Open Pocket, 6 Mesh Side Pockets, and 4 Open Side Pockets), various zip up compartments to protect belongings from falling, and multiple pockets to further organize your personal stuff! Our organizer is great for holding cosmetics, cell phones, cards, books, and travel goods. Coming in your choice of 10 colors! The Slim Bag Purse Organizer is a great investment for your 2021 summer makeup kit! 


Our Bun Maker is a summer essential for 2021. Create perfect buns with our Easy Hair Bun Maker, it is easy to use, and can effortlessly create an elegant yet relaxed hair look in seconds! One pack comes with all three colors: brown, black, and leopard allowing you to match your hair color and design any hairstyle of your choice! This Bun Maker is stylish and great for keeping hair out of your face. Whether you’re a runner or a stylist, it’s always helpful to have an Easy Hair Bun Maker to create buns quick and easy!


Our 10 Piece Black and Gold Oval Brush Set is a phenomenal set, perfect for your summer 2021 makeup kit! This set makes blending and contouring seem easy. These brushes are "toothbrush style" and help optimize any beauty routine. Equipped with tightly packed synthetic bristles and a curved shape. Giving you consistent, precise application. No more streaks and lines, just beautiful flawless coverage of your skin. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog on the 5 pieces you need for your summer 2021 makeup kit! If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, or want to continue browsing our other amazing products, you can SHOP NOW! 

March 24, 2021 — AN PHIL

Top 5 Makeup Essentials to Prepare You For St. Patrick's Day!

Getting prepped for St. Patrick's Day is a huge tradition in most cultures, especially the Irish! However, with the unseen circumstances of COVID-19, this is now the second St. Patrick's Day we have to enjoy without visiting our friends & loved ones. With that in mind, there is still time to prepare for and enjoy your own at-home St. Patrick's Day! While your prepping the food, the beer, the snacks, and whatever else you like, you remember that you need to look stunning for the occasion. The first thought that pops into your head... makeup! While you're rushing around getting prepped for the festivities, I offer you the opportunity to spruce up your makeup game and truly get yourself set for an eventful night! These five makeup products are ideal for any female out there looking for a way to have fun and join in on the festivities! When the top of the mornin' arrives on the day of St. Patrick, you'll be excited, prepared, and ready-to-go! 


1. Mean Green 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set

To crack the top of this list we have a heavy-hitter amongst St. Patrick's day fans, our wonderful Mean Green 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set! This exceptional brush set holds the perfect tones of green to get you amped up for the day ahead of you! The beautiful green bristles are sure to add an elegant touch to your makeup routine and have you looking fantastic! On top of that, you will receive a tremendous green travel case to carry your makeup with you! It fits in with the tradition greatly and allows you to update your makeup whenever you please! At the low price of just $20.00, you are getting a steal of a price considering the product at hand. Made with the utmost quality & care, while simultaneously saving you a great deal of money, this is the deal of the century!


2. 10 Piece Pure Leaf Brush Set

This extravagant, unique-looking brush set is filled with festive cheer! The elegant leaf-inspired handle literally takes the shape of a leaf and all it's edges. The sleek and trendy style of this brush is enough to have you looking more stylish than ever this St. Patrick's Day! The gorgeous notes of green on both the handle and the bristles make for a luxurious vibe and feel when utilizing these brushes. Add a new design to your makeup arsenal and instantly notice it's ability to stand out superbly! Once you grab yourself this amazing set, not only will your St. Patrick's Day Makeup look fantastic, but you will also have durable brushes that will last you far past this celtic holiday! Show off your unique personality and talent with this excellent brush set! 


3. 7 Piece White and Green Brush Set

Maybe you aren't looking for a vibrant green makeup essential, you could be in the market for something more quaint. Well, My Makeup Brush Set has got you covered! Our brand new 7 Piece White and Green Brush Set is the perfect makeup essential for those looking for more quaint and subtle makeup brushes. The amazing combination of white with notes of green make this a brush set like no other! Along with the 7 makeup brushes is a travel case that holds every item within this set! At an unbeatable price of $10.00, you are truly getting a steal of a deal with this impeccable brush set! This is a great item to help spruce up your St. Patrick's Day get-up and make your glow stand out amongst the crowd! Add this modern and tranquil kit to your makeup arsenal and fall in love instantly! 


4. Makeup To-Go Organizer

Switching it up a bit, we have a go-to pouch with extreme portability that is perfect to take to your St. Patrick's function! The lovely Makeup To-Go Organizer has multiple compartments to hold all your makeup essentials in one place! Carry your excellent green makeup products in this organizer and locate them with great ease! With a great price of $12.00 carry all of your makeup essentials with you on your St. Patrick's Day! Even better, this pouch comes in Green, allowing you to further show off your festive side! This incredibly useful and accommodative product is sure to help anyone who buys it! Once you grab this kit, you'll never worry about makeup again!


5. Blossoming Lip Balms

The final product on this list is a crucial one for almost every girl out there. Our innovative and trendy Blossoming Lip Balms are the perfect way to artistically beautify your lips and will have your peers asking you where you found it! For a St. Patrick's Day celebration, we recommend the Green variant of this product to not only look phenomenal but also add to your festive look! These elegant moisturizing lip balms are sure to keep your lips feeling luscious and plump! Watch in amazement as your lip balm becomes the highlight of your festive outfit and soon becomes your go to lip product! Accentuate your natural lip and give off a natural extravagant look! 


Overall these five products are perfect for this years St. Patrick's Day celebration wherever you are! Although we can't be with our loved ones at this time at least we can all still spread the festive cheer individually! By adding just one of these items to your makeup repertoire you will instantly see the true potential these items have in your hand! Cheers to all, and a special shoutout to those who have updated their makeup routine with one of these tremendous products! 


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March 17, 2021 — AN PHIL