7 Perfect Looks for Easter 2021

7 Perfect Looks for Easter 2021

Just because we're in quarantine, doesn't mean you can't enjoy doing your makeup for Easter! This is the time to celebrate with bright pastel colors and eggs. At My Makeup Brush Set, we strive to provide the highest-quality, affordable makeup and makeup tools. We sell anything from brush sets to blush palettes! Keep reading this blog to find out the 7 perfect looks for Easter 2021 and how to do them!

Rainbow Eyes

There’s no better way to hop into spring than a brightly-colored rainbow eye look! This is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your outfit. For a softer rainbow look, use our amazing blending brushes to apply the shadow to your lids and buff out the color! For a cut crease look, use our flat, round brush to carve out your eye makeup with a concealer!

White Eyeliner Look

The white graphic liner has been gaining popularity during 2021, and for good reason! It’s super modern and stylish. You can match it with any outfit. While this look might be tricky and require steady hands, with our brushes, you’ll be able to achieve it in no time! Use our small detail brush to create fine, detailed strokes on your eye.

Coral Easter Look

A coral eyeshadow suits all skin tones and is the perfect natural look! This eyeshadow look is great for adding some definition to your face! Use our flat, round brush to pack the color onto your lids, then a fluffy blending brush to blend out the edges. It’s so easy to achieve this soft look with our brush sets!

Pastel Blue Lids

Pastel colors are a staple when it comes to Easter, so these pastel blue lids will have you looking more festive than ever! Use a dense brush to pack on a glitter pigment to your eye and use a fluffy blending brush to soften out the edges with a light blue shade. Use a small detail brush to add a pop of highlight to the inner corners of your eyes. Now you’re all set for Easter!

Pastel Yellow Lids

These pastel yellow lids are just as festive as the pastel blue lids! They suit anyone with warm skin tones and add a gorgeous pop of color to your eye makeup. For a simple look, just pack on the yellow shadow to your lid and blend it out using a fluffy blending brush. For a more complex cut-crease look, use a flat brush to carve out your eyeshadow. You can use any dense brush to then pack on a glitter onto your eyelid!

Floral Look

Easter and spring mean one thing: the rebirth of nature! What better way to do this than paint flowers onto your eyes. While this complex look might seem daunting at first, it can be easily achieved with our brushes and a proper technique! Use our small detail brush to paint five dots in a circle, then add a different colored circle in the middle. Now you have a flower! Repeat this process as many times as you want and you’ll have a beautiful floral eye look.

Peachy Cheeks

Springtime is all about delicate looks and warmth. Bright-colored blushes are a great way to add warmth and color to your face, especially if you’ve used a high-coverage foundation as a base. For a matte look, try using our 10 Color Blush Palette. For a soft and dewy look, try our Baked Blush!


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March 10, 2021 — Amar Gandhi
Top 5 St. Patrick's Day Celebrity Looks

Top 5 St. Patrick's Day Celebrity Looks

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about the outfit and makeup look you’re going to wear for the March holiday where everyone gets to pretend they’re Irish. We're celebrating this Irish-loving holiday with a look at celebrities who have taken part in the fun holiday festivities over the years. Keep scrolling to get a look at other stars hosting parties, attending events, and looking lucky on St. Patrick's Day!

Miley Cyrus

The queen of serving looks on this Irish holiday! The Hannah Montana alum made the most of her 2018 St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, grabbing every article of green clothing she could find for her party outfit. “Itszzzzz EZ being green!” she tweeted, sticking her tongue out and tipping her leprechaun hat to her followers. Then the "Wrecking Ball" singer accessorized her carebear green outfit with some emerald green lipstick, because if you can't wear that shade on St. Patty's Day, when can you wear it? Out with the old and in with the new! This trending emerald green lip is all about color. Pink and red lip looks are overused and not unique. There’s no better way to add this pop of color than on the one and only St.Patrick’s Day.
How to: Swipe an emerald green lipstick on your lips and blend a fun green smokey eyeshadow look on your eyes!

Selena Gomez

Ms.Gomez herself was rocking this stunningly vibrant green glitter eye makeup two years ago for St.Patty’s Day, and let me tell you, she KILLED IT! And, if celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo approves this lime-green eye for Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m gonna go ahead and say you should try it out. This fun glitter look will be sure to turn heads and leave people in awe.
How-to: Blend a creamy lime eyeshadow over your lid and up to your crease, forming a cat-eye shape, then tap a shimmery, lime-green powder on top.

Tori Spelling

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alumnae enjoyed a family outing to a pub in 2018 and credited the crew's coordinated ensembles to herself and her 10-year-old daughter, Stella. In a series of Instagram photos, she and Stella channeled “#hauteleprechaun" looks, posing in their outfits in a garden. The mother-daughter duo donned matching green lipstick and posed outside on a sunny spring day. This metallic-green lipstick feels especially easy to experiment with when you’re also doing it to be festive, so don’t get nervous to try out a green-as-can-be lipstick for once.
How To: Lather a beautiful metallic-green lipstick on your lips, whilst also blending out whimsical, dreamy green smokey eye look.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton sat pretty at a St. Patrick's Day event with Irish Guards in Aldershot, England, in March 2012. This beautiful duchess rocked a classic, yet stunning natural makeup look. From her blush-flushed cheeks to her dark green smokey eye, this looked radiated simple glam. Pair this beautiful makeup look with a festive, elegant green outfit and you’ll be looking like you just stepped out of the royal palace itself!
How To: Blend out a dark muted green eyeshadow smokey eye on your lid and add a nude lipstick to compliment. Be sure to keep your foundation light and airy, whilst adding a heavy blush from the apples of your cheek all the way upwards to your temple.

Katy Perry

Amp up your green look this year by going NEON! Katy Perry shows her pregnant belly in a fashionable neon green dress! Katy Perry poses for photos ahead of the ‘FIGHT ON’ concert for bushfire-affected communities at Pioneer Park Recreation Reserve in Bright, Victoria, Australia. She rocked a neon green dress for the occasion, pairing it will a matching pair of neon green hoops and a rosy red lip! What really sent this look to the next level was her jaw-dropping neon green cut crease eyeshadow that she wore perfectly!
How To: Blend out a neutral brown smokey eye, then conceal the crease of your lid and pack on a bright, beautiful neon green shadow!


Stay on top of these St. Patrick's Day makeup looks by checking out our makeup brush collections and our makeup cosmetics. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on showing up and showing off for this green filled holiday!
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March 03, 2021 — AN PHIL
Top 10 Looks For Spring 2021

Top 10 Looks For Spring 2021

One of the best things about the transition from winter to spring—other than, prettier skies and tanlines—are the spring makeup trends. This year's spring makeup trends are all about color, glowing, and owning those extravagant makeup looks! So, without further ado, I give you the top 10 best spring 2021 makeup looks.


This Emerald Smokey Eye for Spring 2021

Out with the old and in with the new! Gray smokey eyes are overused and not unique. This spring 2021 makeup trend is all about color. Grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend out a beautiful green gradient. The final result will have everyone green with envy.
This Monochromatic Look for Spring 2021
A monochromatic definitely does not have to equal boring. Sweep an electric neon shadow on your lids and a matching bold matte lipstick on your lips to match. A colorful, yet fierce statement look is just the makeup look that you didn’t know you needed!

These Sparkles for Spring 2021

Because everything looks better when you add some sparkles! Start with a base of nude eyeshadow, dab on a little glitter primer, then stick on the sparkles. With this look, you’ll truly have beautiful sparkling eyes to catch anyone’s attention!

This Nude Lip for Spring 2021

The "your lips but better" look never goes out of style. Bonus: This spring makeup trend is very easy to recreate. Outline your lips with a flesh-toned liner and layer a clear gloss on top to blend out the color. This nude lip gives a little more to a natural makeup look!

These Blue Eyelashes for Spring 2021

It’s 2021, color doesn't have to just stay on your lids. This makeup trend lets your lashes get in on the fun too. Swipe on a coat (or three) of blue mascara to add a pop of color to accent your eyeshadow.

This Peach Lip for Spring 2021

A pink-orange lip is bolder than the classic reds, but that's what adds to the cool factor. Once you find the right shade for your skin tone, you'll feel super glam from the moment you get on this spring 2021 makeup trend!

These Gold Glitter Lids for Spring 2021

The best thing about this 2021 makeup trend is that it brightens up your entire face in a second. Plus, when the light hits your glamourous lids at just the right angle, the pigments can't help but sparkle. 

This Bold Blush for Spring 2021

Need to wake up your face? Add more blush to your normal makeup routine to liven up your skin and make you appear more youthful. Blend a rosy pink blush on your cheeks, temples, and underneath your brow bones to give yourself a pretty flushed appearance.

This Highlighter Pop for Spring 2021

Warning: This makeup trend is not for the faint of heart. But if you want a goddess-like glow reflected off your cheeks, take a large puffy fan brush and swirl some highlighter onto your cheekbones. Glow big or go home.

This Purple Eyeliner for Spring 2021

Swap out that basic black liner for an eye-catching purple shade. Opt for a cream-based liner when recreating this spring 2021, rather than a liquid one—the formula makes it way easier to create a soft cat-eye look. That small pop of color will do wonders!
Stay on top of these trends by checking out our makeup brush collections and our makeup cosmetics. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on these colorful, astonishing spring 2021 makeup looks! 
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February 17, 2021 — AN PHIL
10 Real Customer Reviews About 24 Piece Brush Set

10 Real Customer Reviews About 24 Piece Brush Set

Review Name: N.N.

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: 2 for 1

Review Description: 

So I bought this brush kit and a kit from Wish to compare both the products and here’s my review. Just to add, I am not a makeup expert and I purchased these brushes so that I could practice. Comparing the two kits, this one has a better presentation than the makeup brush kit from Wish. It is better quality and looks more expensive overall. Also this kit is easy to carry around since it is foldable and displays all the brushes at once while it's open. My only critique is that I wish the brushes were labeled. Overall, I would purchase this again!


Review Name: Paige Manguiat

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: I love that there is a huge selection

Review Description: 

This 24 piece brush kit is absolutely amazing and I love that there is a huge selection of brushes to choose from. These brushes are soft and they work well with my products. The matte handles make the brushes look super chic. It also feels great to have a set of matching brushes instead of a bunch of random brushes I collected over the years. Using these to get ready in the morning is the best feeling ever! If I ever get the chance, I would definitely buy these again. 

Review Name: Ebony R

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: I’m in love with these brushes!

Review Description: 

These brushes are absolutely amazing! I purchased them in 2019 and still have no criticism. Their quality is wonderful. I have used and cleaned these brushes many times but they have yet to break or shed. The application isn’t streaky and they pick up products well. The eye brushes work really well and the face brush is my new holy grail!

Review Name: Jorgina Morales

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Eyeshadow MUST

Review Description: 

I loooove these brushes and use them every day! Any girl understands how difficult it is to find the perfect brush set that works for you, and that many brush sets come with unnecessary brushes we never end up using. But this set is perfect! I have used every single brush in this set and they work so well for blending out my eyeshadow. After purchasing this for myself, I also bought them for my sisters. This set is definitely a must!

Review Name: Maria Mendoza

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: They're amazing brushes.

Review Description: 

I purchased this set as a gift for my friend. When it arrived, I opened it to check on its condition. The set was in great condition and very neatly packaged. Everything was intact and all the brushes had their own use. I’m sure my friend is going to love this gift!

Review Name: Abbie Amazonian

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: These brushes are very nice, very well packaged

Review Description: 

These brushes work great, were well packaged, and don’t have any odor. The bristles are soft and pick up pigments nicely. Since this is a large kit, many brushes came in the same size, so there’s a brush for every colour you need. The small brushes are really great for more precise designs. I’m really impressed with this product and it's a great deal for its price.

Review Name: Keesee

Review Stars: 5/5


Review Description: 

This set has a great assortment of brushes and includes every brush you would need to do your makeup. They are also well made and soft. The travel case is durable and good quality. It’s really helpful for keeping the brushes organized and is helpful for when I’m travelling or even just using them at home.

Review Name: MIKO

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Deal

Review Description:

I am completely in love with this set. I saw someone else using it and I just knew that I had to buy it too! It’s both cute and chic. There are so many brushes to choose from. They’re also super soft. This is a great deal. You can also mix these brushes with some more expensive brushes and you’re set!

Review Name: Lizzipad

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Worth the price

Review Description: 

These brushes are pretty good for the price. I haven’t had any problems with having stiff or loose bristles. Since purchasing, I’ve used these brushes around three times. My only nitpick is that, when they first arrive, they have a strong chemical smell.

Review Name: Ligia Gonzalez

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Soft and durable!!

Review Description: 

I love these brushes! They are so soft and do a great job blending my makeup. I bought this set for myself but it would also work great as a gift since it’s so affordable. I purchased one for my best friend’s birthday and she loves them too! At first they do have a chemical smell but this should go away after a couple weeks. I really recommend this product. It’s such a great deal for the price!


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February 11, 2021 — AN PHIL

My Makeup Brush Set Versus Sephora Brushes Versus BH Cosmetics and Why Make Up Brush Set Is Better!



By doing a quick internet search I was able to determine that the average American Woman spends USD$ 2,000 annually on makeup and cosmetic products. $2,000 per year is an incredible amount of money considering that the US population has around 168 Million Women. Wow! That’s a massive amount of hard earned money spent on simple cosmetic products. Makeup is notably very expensive, not just from the statistics above, but also from diving into bigger and more well-known brands like Sephora and BH Cosmetics. Although makeup is an essential part of a portion of American Women’s daily routines, it does add up when looking at the numbers. Well, now there is an alternative, a more affordable cost with the same quality. My Makeup Brush (MBS) has been selling extremely useful cosmetic products at a lower cost than the blue chip names in the industry. Through incredible innovation and immense research & development, My Makeup Brush has created an outlet for women not looking or not interested in paying bigger costs for the same products! The team at My Makeup Brush is aiming to have less and less women breaking the bank over makeup purchases, and still remaining satisfied with a more affordable product of equal quality! 

To start off I will dive into a head honcho in the cosmetics industry, Sephora. By scanning the heavy-hitters main website, I was able to determine that their top selling makeup sets range anywhere from $33 to $170, quite a large jump. Most of these products are in the $45 to $60 range with few under a $35 price tag. In comparison, My Makeup Brush Set has a drastically lower price range concernings its 24 piece makeup brush sets, ranging from $19.99 to $29.99, boasting similar if not the same quality as the more costly Sephora brushes. With a large variety of choices, My Makeup Brush Sets 24 piece makeup specials are a must buy! For makeup gurus and enthusiasts out there, the beautiful array of choices that MBS offers top any competitor out there! Stop overpaying for the brand name, get the same quality and save yourself some money with affordable cosmetics like this amazing 10 Piece Marble Brush Set currently going for $15! 



Another extremely popular cosmetic company is BH Cosmetics. After viewing their primary website, I can see that their most notable products are their palettes. Currently in January 2021, BH Cosmetics is having a 50% off sale on select palettes, making their palettes prices look amazing. According to their best sellers and palettes catalogs respectively, prices can vary from $6 to $21 depending on the number of colours within the palette. Now you might be thinking, $6 for a palette is a great price, but you are only getting 16 options. Comparatively, MBS offers palettes ranging similarly from $5 to $20, the only difference is that on options over the 12 dollar mark, you can not only get a beautiful display of colours, you can receive up to 88 separate and gorgeous colours for the same price you would pay for around 20 options with BH Cosmetics. Now BH Cosmetics has a larger option of 42 options for $17, being the biggest threat for MBS. However, with more of a selection of large options to choose from, consumers can pay the exact same price and choose from a vast selection of 88 colour sets from MBS. Not only this but beautiful 28+ colour palettes for even better prices! Although BH Cosmetics has a beautiful selection of cosmetic items, MBS' prices just can’t be beat! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to upgrade your cosmetics arsenal! Enjoy products like this 10 Piece Professional Wood Brush Set now only $20!



After turning consumers' heads with its unbeatable prices, MBS has single-handedly created the most accommodative cosmetic lines on the market. MBS has made the cosmetic industry aware of their exceptional quality and unbelievable prices. If you are in the market for extraordinary makeup products look no further, MBS has everything you need to look stylish and beautiful on a daily basis. All the positives make MBS an up-and-coming beauty website that is sure to succeed and thrive! Competitors should keep an eye out for MBS and see what amazing things they have coming for 2021!



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February 05, 2021 — AN PHIL

¿Es el Set de brochas de My Makeup Brush mejor que los Sets de  Sephora y BH Cosmetics?

Como bien lo dice el dicho “No hay buen maquillaje sin un buen set brochas”.

 Aplicar nuestros productos en polvo y crema requiere de unas buenas herramientas que nos permitan explotar al máximo su potencial, afortunadamente, en la actualidad podemos encontrar una gran variedad de brochas en el mercado, desde las más accesibles, hasta las más costosas.

Sin embargo, la experiencia de compra se vuelve un poco difícil cuando nos damos cuenta que cada set nos promete cosas diferentes, o peor aún, nos topamos con sets de brochas exactamente iguales pero de diferentes marcas.

Pero no te preocupes, el equipo de My Makeup Brush puso manos a la obra y dedicó arduas horas de investigación para llevar a cabo la batalla campal, el post del año 2021, un blog digno de leerse y para todas y todos los aficionados a la <<beauty rutine>>. Les pedimos que abran bien sus ojitos porque el día de hoy estaremos haciendo el VS de: Set de brochas


Nuestra primera candidata para este VS es nada más y nada menos que SEPHORA.

Dentro de su página oficial podrás encontrar el Set de Brochas de SEPHORA Collection que contiene una selección de 10 brochas y pinceles de maquillaje de cerdas sintéticas, recomendadas para su uso tanto en ojos como en rostro en general.

Este set incluye un moderno estuche metálico y tiene un costo de $1,095.°° (pesos)


Por otro lado tenemos a BH Cosmetics, con un set similar integrado por 10 piezas (3 brochas y 7 pinceles). Las cerdas sintéticas del Bombshel Beauty Set te permiten difuminar perfectamente productos tanto líquidos como en crema y polvos.

Al igual que nuestro anterior contendiente, este paquete también contiene una cosmetiquera que te permitirá transportar tus herramientas a donde sea por un módico precio de  $515.°° (pesos)


Finalmente, continuando con los sets de 10 brochas, My Makeup Brush apuesta por la variedad de diseños, texturas y formas para todos los gustos y necesidades.

Dentro de esta categoría podrás encontrar brochas de diversos materiales, que pueden ir desde:

-Bamboo Brush



-Professional Wood Brush



 -Marble makeup brush


 -Diamond Dust Brush


¡E inclusive modelos portátiles de viaje para encontrarte siempre lista o listo para cualquier emergencia de belleza!


-Mini Travel Kabuki Brush Set 



Al igual que los anteriores sets nos encontramos con cerdas sintéticas, ideales para trabajar con diversos productos, un estuche (dependiendo del modelo elegido) y, sobre todo, una amplia combinación de pinceles y brochas para que puedas ocupar todas y cada una de ellas en tu rutina sin dejar ninguna de lado.

Estas prácticas herramientas del mundo de belleza son elaboradas 100% libres de crueldad animal y puedes encontraras disponibles por un precio de entre los $300.°° $400.°° (pesos)

Si te encantaron estos modelos tanto como a nosotros, te invitamos a que visites nuestra página dando click aquí y elijas el estuche que más se acomode a tu estilo de vida.

My Makeup Brush se despide… ¡hasta la próxima!

January 21, 2021 — AN PHIL

Summer 2017 Music Playlist

Image Courtesy of Canned Air | via 

Having a good playlist for summer event is important. What is more embarrassing than asking to link your phone to the speaker, and your music play list is COMPLETELY out of date?! Like that would just be a total no-no. This is your guide to this summer’s must have tracks for a lit event. Don’t blast your 2014 music, give these tracks a listen and press download.

Nevada Feat. Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap - 'The Mack': this song will get everyone up on their feet. A fresh remix that pays homage to the 20th anniversary of the original song

Image Courtesy of Direct Lyrics | via 

A little bit of Justin Bieber is always needed. Even if you aren't a Bieber fan, his songs and collaborations will always get you changing your mind. Even the billboard calls him "an undeniable king", he started as the cherub-faced heartthrob of your teenage dreams, quickly grew up into public cultural enemy number one, and somehow rebounded as someone hipsters, dance fans, pop kids, and R&B lovers could agree on" A few from him includes: DJ Snake Feat. Justin Bieber - 'Let Me Love You', Major Lazer Feat. Justin Bieber & MØ – ‘Cold Water’ and MOST DEFINITELY, Despacito! This song is everywhere! For the second week in a row, the powerful team of Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber are at No. 1 in the U.K. with their global smash hit “Despacito.”


The Chainsmokers has also emerged from the EDM world to the top hits, making it a popular party summer hits! Their music videos are a gem to watch too! If you knew them before, you would know they made some bad decisions early on in their careers, but are now one of dance music's most promising acts. Their Coldplay collaboration Something Just Like This is such a catchy play! A few of their other good ones are: Closer ft. Halsey, and Paris.



Image Courtesy of BBC | via 


A few other good ones to add:

Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson 

It Ain't Me - Kygo, Selena Gomez 

I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn 

24K Magic - Bruno Mars  

Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes x CADE Remix) - Maggie Lindemann 



July 04, 2017 — AN Commerce

Top 5 Lip Colors for Spring

A new season means a whole load of new makeup, right? As much as I love a good berry shade in winter, spring shades are always a nice change! The shades tend to get lighter along with the days and you can get away with a matte lip a bit more in spring because you don’t have to worry about the cold weather drying out your lips quite as much. There are so many ways to go, but here are my go-to spring shades for every occasion!

Pink is a good all-rounder, so it’s a good choice any time of the year but it just feels so much more relevant in spring! A nice pink lip - be it pastel or bold – can really perk up a look. It a great mood teller too (is that a word?) because a nice pastel can give quite a feminine look and a bold fuchsia radiates sass and lets people know you’re not to be messed with. Pink is a color that can be rocked all year, but for spring it’s the ultimate go-to!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 

To me, purple lipstick is definitely a little more out-there. I personally love a good purple lip but it can sometimes be a bit hard to pull off! It’s definitely more of a statement look to be worn with a more neutral eye (bronze is a great pairing) and you need a good formula because if a bold lip starts wearing off it can get a little messy! Of course you can get lighter and darker shades of purple, so if your formula isn’t great or you feel like a vibrant purple might be a little too bold, juts go a little lighter or even find one with a bit of pink in it!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 

Peach is definitely not a year-round color to me. It’s quite a light shade and I think it looks so much better against a tan! There are some gorgeous peach shades out there and they’re never too hard to find around this time of year. If you’re someone that still takes an abundance of makeup with you on vacation (don’t worry, I’m the same), peach is a lovely pairing with almost any outfit! Black, white, khaki, pink – you name it! It may not look as vibrant when autumn hits, so get some use out of your peach shades whilst you can!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via

I love a good nude all year round. It’s my go-to for work where I don’t always want to be dressed up to the nines, but still want to look polished and professional! There are so many nudes out there with different tones, it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ one sometimes but when you do, it’s perfect for your day to day look!

Image Courtesy of Jeffree Star Cosmetics | via

Burnt Orange
Burnt Orange is another color that always makes a reappearance in spring! It’s a great transition colour for spring as it’s got the vibrancy of the orange but the burnt aspect tones it down a little bit, so if you’ve been rocking a bright red in winter, a burnt orange is a good colour to ease you into the lighter tones in summer! Like any other colour, you can get darker and lighter shades of burnt orange – so if you feel like it’s a little too deep you can always go a bit lighter!

Image Courtesy Of Kylie Cosmetics | via 

May 23, 2017 — AN Commerce

Mother’s Day Activity Guide

Guess what this upcoming weekend is? Mother’s Day! If you forgot, shame on you ;) But don’t worry because this blog post can definitely help you plan that special day ahead. Mother’s Day was never a day I really celebrated or did much aside from treating my mom to dinner, but for the past few years, I’ve really came to a realization how much my mom does for me on a day to day basis. So, the past few years, I would plan the day or the weekend with my mom, make sure she is having a good time, minimal stress, and just an overall happy day. In today’s blog post, I will be listing some things you can do for your mom this weekend. Some things might take a bit more planning and financial cost, but don’t worry, I have also listed some great activities you can do for your mom without the heavy planning and money.


What’s the best to wake up? Breakfast in bed, duh! Don’t know how to cook? Don’t you worry, because I can help. There are some really easy breakfast recipes that takes less than 30 minutes to cook up. Check this post out for some simple and unique breakfast in bed ideas.

Image Courtesy of Sharis Berries | via 

My all-time favorite is the mini egg frittata. They look fancy yet super easy to make, or if you aren’t an early bird, you can make these the night before and just heat them up the next morning. And I mean, if you just totally want to avoid the kitchen. Take your mom to brunch to start the day off fresh. There is nothing better than a good first meal to start the day!

Another super cute thing you can do for your mom is set up a mimosa bar, this is like a DIY cocktail bar. I have done this for a party before and my mom loved it. So if you are hosting a lunch for mother’s day or even a dinner, add this to your meal. It’s super easy to create and the guest simply have to pour the bubble, add juice and top it off with fruit for their very own mimosas. For more details and steps on how to create one check out.

Image Courtesy of Country Living | via 


Pampering of course is something we can all take advantage of. I know my mom, and even me, can use a day of massage, facials and manicures. Every once a year or every two year, I love hitting up a fancy spa just to relax, kick back and enjoy the day. This can of course get a bit expensive especially if you are paying for two people. I highly recommend checking out your local Groupon site. I have found great massage discounts, as well as facials and manicures. If you browse often you might even score yourself a Groupon to the Four Seasons spa in Toronto. 


A few other suggestions that is really based on events happening in your town is enjoying live theater. Check out what is currently playing and see if you can score a pair of tickets. Another idea is going on a stroll at a local garden on the mall. I know, these two places are completely opposite of the spectrum, but really does depend on what your mom likes to do. Both of these activities have the key component of quality time with your mom. Additional suggestions includes: fruit picking at local farm, wine tour, city cruise, city helicopter, art exhibit, and lastly, do checkout local events happening especially for mother’s day. I know in Toronto, a lot of places host special events that’s dedicated for moms!

May 15, 2017 — AN Commerce

Spring Date Ideas ON A BUDGET

Once the weather gets warmer, it is perfect dating season. I remember a few months ago, I would rather choose to stay in bed with Netflix than go out and explore to city. However, I am all game note, the more I go out, the faster my wallet drains. There’s that nice balance between how much shopping money I have and how much entertainment/food money can be allotted; it is all about budgeting! I would just like to slide in a throwback to when I first started dating my boyfriend and how he paid for everything, but that totally after we hit our one year mark.


So, in today’s blog post, I will be talking about some great date ideas that you and your significant other or even a bestie, can do during the next few months, while saving you bills. Some may be a bit costlier than others, but it’s here because it is probably totally worth it.

This one is on my to-do list within the next few months, it has actually been on my list since last summer but we never got around to doing it. A lot of parks have bike rentals that can be rented out by hour, at affordable rates. If you are a local from Toronto, Centre Island is very famous for that, and you can bike along the lake shore. If you head on to Google, and search you bike rentals nearby, you are likely to find a great place. This is a more adventurous, sporty type of activity, but if you find an eye-catching scenic trail ride and add a picnic basket, it can very well be super romantic!

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Now that school is over, take advantage of local museums’ discounted tickets during weekdays. Often times, art galleries, museums, heritage momentums or local attractions have discounted or free admission to their venues during particular evenings and/or particular days. A trip to these can bring a lot of culture, and even if you don’t really dig the whole culture thing, you would be surprise what you find. Super lowkey, I love going to art gallery because they make great insta-pictures ;) 

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Want romantic? Draw up a spa at the comfort of your own home. Pick up a lush bath bomb, light a few candles, bubble bath, massage, face mask, bottle of champagne, even chocolate dipped strawberries, the sky is your limit – great creative!


One of our favorite go-to is arcades. We usually go to Playdium or Dave and Busters, these are the classic play games, get those mini tickets, and then redeem prizes. Let’s be honest, we end up stuffing our prize somewhere in the corner of our room after redeeming it. I swear I have a whole cupboard full of them, but we have so much fun during the whole process. We also have this thing going, where however gets more tickets gets treated a dessert place of their choice! It always get the competition rolling! 

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May 05, 2017 — AN Commerce