Your Go To Products For Skin Breakouts

Have you ever woken up to a giant pimple on your forehead? Or worst… a bunch of acne on a random spot right in the MIDDLE of your face. What do you do?! OBVIOUSLY, LOTS AND LOTS OF CONCEALER (DUH?). There are lots and lots of concealer, foundation, bb cream, cc cream, all types of products that you can use in order to hide that skin breakouts. There are also treatments you can take when your skin does breakout, this way it can get rid of all the flaws ASAP.  The best is to do both, hide and get rid of it. Try these products below for a speedy recovery from breakout fever!

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The best concealer you will ever find is the Cover FX Customer Cover Drops. Chances are you have heard about this superb product before because this thing gets you the picture-perfect color. This product is to be used with either a moisturizer, oils, creams, or foundation, and it really helps with getting rid of full breakouts while blending through the liquid pigment to making it a go-to concealer or foundation.

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The classic Mac Studio Finish Concealer is THE ONE for those random giant pimples on your face. This product is water resistant, fragrance free and non ancnegenic. This one only comes in eight skin tones versus other brands usually have a few more, but a MAC consultant can always help you find the matching shade for you. An additional *bonus* is that it is high in SPF meaning it will help with sun damage, fine lines and skin cancer.


REMEMBER: before you apply foundation or concealer please don’t forget to put your primer on. Since your face has bumps, the primer will help smoothing your skin out before any products is being applied. Another thing to remember is when you are putting concealer on the key thing is to dab and not rub. There are those flaky suborn super nasty looking pimples that shows terrible dryness when you smudge foundation on – SO DAB!


Want to get rid of the pimple ASAP?! The Mario Badescu drying lotion will be your best friend once you try it. This is a highly coveted acne treatment that helps with refreshing and repairing any flaws and spots. If we get more scientifical, this product is made with calamine and salicylic acid, AKA it soothes whiteheads overnight without irritating surrounding skin. BTW - this is what celebrity uses! 

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Easy Spring Hairstyles

I absolutely love Spring time. It’s a good mixture of hot and cold weather which is perfect for me because I don’t cope too well in extremes! It’s also a great time to start experimenting a bit more with some hair styles because if you’re anything like me you will have spent the majority of winter either wearing bobble hats or sticking your hair up in a bun!

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Side Pinned
This is probably the most simple look you could go for and it suits just about everyone! If you want to adjust your look a little bit with minimal effort, the best thing to do is just pin one side of your hair back! It works with straight, curly or wavy hair and it can switch your look up instantly. Plus it’s a quick fix for any stray hairs that don’t want to play!
Instagram: @_celeb.hair_

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Loose Plaits
Loose plaits look great over spring and summer in particular because they make you look like a serious beach babe. They’re super simple to master and even if you do them a bit too tight, it isn’t hard to pull them loose! You can either just do a half up – half down look with the ‘up’ portion in a loose plait at the back or you can add a couple to an up-do to make it look a bit more casual. The choices are endless and adding a couple of plaits is guaranteed to make you feel like a goddess.
Instagram: @maneaddicts

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This is probably the most difficult to achieve for some, but if you know how to do it then it’s a great look! They seemed to grow in popularity a lot more after the Kardashians and Jenners started to embrace the look (I should know, I’ve had my younger sister pester me endlessly to get her hair like Kylie’s) and I’m definitely all for this look. Two simple braids are great to add a bit of casual detail to your look and depending how you wear them you’ll either look super chill or like a total bad ass.  
Instagram: @inmyownlittleworldx

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A classic. Waves are such a classic spring/summer look and if you’re blessed with natural waves, your one of the lucky ones. I personally have a combination of wavy, straight and curly hair – meaning my hair just does whatever it wants and it never looks too good natural. Following on from the braids, they’re actually a good way to achieve the perfect waves without damaging your hair. All you need to do is braid your hair and leave it in overnight, then the next morning just take them out and brush through it – voila!
Instagram: @hairbeautyunity

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Half Space Buns
This is definitely my favourite look at the minute and my go-to if I’m not too sure what to do with my hair in the morning. I’ve got quite a round face so normal space buns don’t suit me the best so I tend to lean more towards the two space buns on top with my hair flowing either wavy or straight! They’re so much easier to do than they look too as all you need to do is separate your hair, backcomb it a little and wrap it round! A few pins going in at a few different angles and they stay in place all day long! They’re super cute and super simple!
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Favorite Beauty Gurus On Twitter

There are so many makeup gurus around! They provide great makeup tips, makeup product reviews, some even talks about other things like their lifestyle, health. DIY and much more! There are some really great YouTube, Instagram, even Facebook makeup gurus. One other platforms that a lot of great makeup gurus are on is Twitter!

It is so great to follow these gurus on Twitter because often times you are following some live feed from front row fashion week, beauty shows, and great editors thoughts! A few of the makeup twitter gurus you should be following :D

@theglamourai is a new York city based multimedia creative director and her tweets will give you a firsthand look at behind the scene photo shoots, inspiring photos and lots and lots of great styles! She is a stylist and also a blogger that shares fun and interesting links to fashion and different stories. Her account is a prime go to for some fun news!

@beautyblitz is a beauty editor for Polly Blitzer, and they have a great line of lip gloss! There is a whole team behind the account and they are always twitter things about gloss, makeup and even style! There is a great segment of frequently asked beauty questions and they reply to all their twitter questions which is so great!!!

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Two makeup beauty guru had a great deal of drama (interesting drama) that is on Twitter recently this year. @Jeffreestar and @thekatvond. Two of the biggest makeup brands and artist with amazing products! It all started with Kat sharing a picture of Jeffree with a big cross sign across his face, along with a post on her disassociating herself from him. Regardless, of the drama, both of these accounts are filled with some extravagant. With no doubt, both of them are fabulous makeup artists!

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If you are into hairstylists, Guido Palau will blow you away! He is knowns as the world most in demand hair stylist. His twitter feed is @guidopalau, although he is not as active as he was before, scrolling through his past tweets is such a pleasure. His feed always give great inspiration and motivation to try something new. There are some great and unique styles to check out.

One last great beauty guru is the former Hills star, the super great Lauren Conrad!! She works with celebrity hairstylist, such as Krisitin Ess and makeup artist, Amy Nadine, with really funy and easy to follow beauty tips! This is the trick to NTV ready at your very own home!!! Check out @TBDofficial


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Mid Summer Beauty Favorites


Fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, Ashley Tarkington Jackel discusses her top mid-summer beauty favorites! Take a look at her blog and read how she raves about the oval brush set from My Makeup Brush Set being a “game changer”.


Read the full blog post here.

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The Perfect Prom Hairstyle Guide

Start with a clean base: It is very important to start with clean hair. Make sure it’s not dirty or doesn’t have a ton of products. You want to be working with hair that has been shampooed and conditioned well. 

Wash your hair a day prior: This tip is my personal favourite and was passed on by my hair stylist. Wash your hair at least a day prior to the “Big” event. This helps the products to work better.

Do not get hair cuts or try out new hair products on the day of the prom: This is very important and is an age old advice. Don’t experiment with your hair just a day before or on the day of the prom. Stick to what works for you. There are pages of Google filled with hair disasters on the day of the prom. Plan and execute it accordingly. The first stage of planning is looking for inspiration and then going to the experts to execute it.

Look at latest trends, magazines and celebrities for inspirations: Like mentioned in the previous point; Look for inspiration everywhere! It could be your favourite magazine, celebrity, the runway etc. Keep an eye and then get your hair stylist to work their magic on your tresses. Be sure to visit trusted stylists you don’t want to get things messed up.


Comfort First: Comfort might be the last thing on your mind when prepping for prom. But it can’t be stressed enough. It’s very important to be comfortable in whatever you choose to flaunt. Be it your hair or outfit. With so many options at disposal; choose something which is trendy yet comfortable.

Low Maintenance: Try wearing a hairstyle that is low maintenance, After all you don’t want to be in the ladies room fixing your hair at every move. Go with hair styles that you don’t have to focus on all the time on the prom.

Try these simple hairstyles yourself:  Here are some quick easy ones you can try yourself!







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10 Best Self Tanners for 2016

Want to look sun kissed all year round? You don’t have to soak in the sun or go to tanning beds/ Salons.  Achieve gorgeous bronze goddess skin at the comfort of your home. Spray tans – To the rescue! While they sure can be game changing. Finding the perfect spray tan can be quiet a hassle; after all we’re spoilt for choices. There are two types of spray tans. The flawless ones aka Bombshell kinds and then there are the wicked ones aka streaky, uneven, or quick fading kinds. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled the best of the spray tans out there. So, you make the best choice!

  1. Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint [$37]

This self tanner is popular for all the right reasons. It is non-greasy, doesn’t clog pores, applies evenly, and lasts long. This product is like the answer to every self tanner’s prayers.


  1. Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanner [$39]

Tarte has some of the best selling products in the beauty industry. They are popular for their quality and the use of more natural ingredients. This self tanner doesn’t come as a surprise from the house of tarte. It is non-streaky, applies evenly and lasts long. It also comes with a mitt for those who like applicators with their self tanners.


  1. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse [$42]

A classic, St Tropez has been the sweet heart of self tanners. This new improved formula dries super fast, smells fresh, and is long wearing. The mousse is super light and simple to use. A word of caution though, don’t forget to use mitts when applying this one. 



  1. Dior Bronze Self-Tanner Natural Glow Body [$40]

This particular self tanner is popular for people in need of a quick fix and with no time to make mistakes. This blends very easily, stays for 4-5 days and dries extremely fast! It smells good and gives a natural looking shade of bronze.



  1. Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer [Approx $12]

Looking for an affordable option? Then you can try the jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. This builds gradually, it takes upto 3 days to build non-streaky, even, natural looking tan.  


  1. Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion.  [$54]

This self tanner is popular amongst its users for a reason. It is non streaky, No nasty odour, stays for a long time and gives a natural glow!





  1. Hampton Sun Airbrush Bronzing Body Mist [$42]

When in a time crunch you can rely on this tanner. It works like a charm for adding that instant oomph. It dries quick and gives a gorgeous bronzed look. It contains almond and macadamia oils. It is quiet small and can fit in your travel luggage easily.


  1. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil [$50]

This is dry oil and a self tanner in one! It blends really easily, dries quickly, smells good and gives a really nice, medium-dark tan.  It lasts for about 4-5 days. This also nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple.


  1. Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion [24.95]

Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion is what all the hype is about. It gives a smooth, Natural finish. It gives a dark shade of bronze finish. It is easy to apply and dries quickly. It lasts for about 6-7 days. This has a coconut scent which is an added bonus.


  1. Fake Bake Flawless [$25]

 This is a liquid self tanner.  It comes with a mitt for easy application. It gives off an even tan; dries really quickly and has a pleasant scent.


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The Perfect Blush Collection For Your Summer

Blush and illuminator are two of my favourite routine in my make-up routine.  Different blush shades for different makeup is important depending on how bright of a look you are aiming for. It can be very expensive to have a collection, especially if you don’t know what shades and type to get. Today, I will be talking about the top 5 must-have blush for this Summer. I will be covering a cream blush, a travel friendly blush brush, a cheek palette, a cheek tint, and my favourite blush compact.


  1. I have had a phase where I only wore cream blush. I am definite that NYX rouge cream blush is one of the best. The shade that I repeatedly use is natural. I find that if you use a tint along with a blush, I tend to stick with a more neutral colour.


What I love about this product is how well it blends together and the texture is so smooth. The glow is on point if you blend it correctly. It lasts all day even without a finishing spray. This line of cream blush is perfect for beginners, the opacity of the blush can be easily regulated for the perfect desired look. Plus, the price is a bit cheaper than other brands, which is always a good thing! (Image: Joy’s Cosmetics)



  1. Benefit Cosmetic has never disappointed; it is one of my top brands (despite the price being a bit more expensive). However, I was a bit disappointed with Benetint. I found this tint didn’t last as long as the other brands I have tried. I am not sure if it has to do with the “two in one” product – lipstain and cheek tint. But never the less, it still made it to this list because all the other brands I have tried haven’t top this. The colour of the product goes so well with my cream blush.


The product is liquid (it reminds me of wine), and it smells very nice, like sweet rose scent. What I usually do is place three dots horizontally across my cheek and then using a beauty blender I blend it through. It subtly freshen my face altogether but in a very natural way. If I want to keep my face fresh looking, I do have to reapply mid-day, but most of the time I don’t.

One of the biggest reason I haven’t replaced this product with another one is because how perfect the tint colour is and the way it blends very nicely. Hopefully the formula will change up for a more lasting stay. (Image:


  1. I got this as a gift two birthdays ago, and I take it everywhere with me. The Japonesuqe Travel Blush brush is perfect, minus the price. I don’t think I have ever seen this on sale, it’s around $37-40 but the quality of the product is quite worth. It makes applying blush very easy and the shape of the brush is optimal for applying the powder. The brush is super soft, and it picks up the right amount of pigment. It blends very smoothly, plus it is super easy to carry around.


  1. NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette is the bomb. I got it a few months ago and this is the first NARS product which I fell in love with. The selection of colours is great, and it also has a highlighting pigment. They are easier to wear colour for a pale skin tone, but also for tanned skin tone too. Orgasm pigment particularly gives a very subtle golden highlight along with the shade of neon pink - it is so easy to use. Definitely a great start to experimenting with different shades of blush.




  1. Choosing a top blush compact was very difficult. I don’t even know where to begin, I alternate between so many different blushes. But all in all, my most replaced blush has to be MAC Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby. This blush is moderately pigmented given it a versatile of uses. It is very natural, but giving a stunning flush at the same time. The colour can be easily mixed along with other colours. When using this product try sheering it with your fingers, it really helps out. This blush can also bring out the natural, no makeup-look, if done correctly. (Image:



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GenBeauty 2016 (PRE)

Earlier last week I got my very first GenBeauty ticket for the conference in Toronto on May 14 and 15. If you are in Toronto and want to head over this weekend, it is not too late to pick up your tickets too; head over to: It is GenBeauty’s first time in Toronto! If you are in the USA, they are having a conference later in September in New York. I will be writing a blog post after the event, on what I have achieved, how my experience was, lots and lots of pictures, and the magic question – would I attend again next year.



I got my ticket at regular rate because this was a pretty last minute decision, it costed me a total of $210. There is also the option of pioneer rate and early bird rate in which you can purchase your tickets prior. Pioneer rate is around $63 and early bird rate is around $100. For the pioneer rate, the ticket have to be purchased way ahead of time (I am not too sure how early, but I think for IPSY subscribers they get an email notification). For IPSY subscribers there are often discount codes around that can give you up to 50% off ticket price.

So, for those of you who don’t know what GenBeauty is, it stands for Generation Beauty. 

It is a two day conference where all the top makeup brands create a convention with leading online beauty and fashion creators. A few YouTube MUA including: Chrisspy, Christen Dominique, Desi Perkins, LustreLux, Jaleesa Moses, Karen Yeung, and many more will all be there! I have recently been following RachhLoves and I love her YouTube videos, so I am looking forward to meeting here there. Check out the picture of Michelle Phan and a fan!! (IMAGE:


This event is set up to learn, explore and connect. I have been reading up on other 

blogger's experiences in different States (LA and NYC) and they seem to have really enjoyed it. They have different booths from the different makeup brands, a few including: SmashBox, Too Faced, Makeup For Ever, NYC, Benefit, Tarte, Ardell, and the list goes on and on and on. They set up booths to sell products and also to promote their newest products. So I can’t wait to learn more about what a few of my favourite lines are coming out with. (IMAGE:


 With the ticket purchase, everyone receive a swag bag, which includes lots of samples. During the convention, there will also be lots more offered around the booths. There are lots of makeup artist around to do your makeup with their products, nail bar and a photo booth! I have also heard the lines are extremely long and that comfy clothes are recommended. I am planning on attending with leggings, my new pair of Nike runners, and a cute top and cardigan. I am also planning to bring my tote purchase, in case there are other things to carry around. The morning of, I will probably avoid doing too much makeup so I have a fresh face to try out all the new products there.


This event is suited for all types of beauty lovers. On their site they obviously recommend stylists, who are just starting out their new brand. It is a great way to connect with other people and promote their brand. Beauty lovers (that's me!), it is an excellent way to learn new tricks and tips from professionals. Improving on makeup tips and finding new products is simply, never ending. There will also be lots of network exec and freelance producers there!

I have attached a few pictures of the previous GenBeauty conventions from other blogs. Hope you get an idea of how the GenBeauty in LA and NYC went. Fingers crossed that the one in Toronto will be just like it. Keep an eye out for the blog post next week! I can’t wait to share with you guys what I learned from GenBeauty and how it went for me! Let me know if you have been to GenBeauty and what you favourite thing to do was J I am so excited!! (IMAGE:


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How to get the Perfect Beach Waves



One of my favourite summer hairstyle is beach waves. The tousled au-natural hair, with the sun shining through it. But, the real question, to the eyes of others, it looks natural, but they have no idea how much work you put into it. Beach waves is the same idea of a “messy bun” while it looks natural, it takes a while to perfect. In today’s blog post I will be teaching you a few tips and tricks on how to get the perfect beach waves, along with a few of my top summer hair-styling products.


When achieving the beach waves look, you can choose between small or big waves. The texture comes with hairspray. There are two ways of the perfect beach waves 1. Overnight, simply with the power of hairspray or 2. With heat. I find that using a flat iron is a bit easier than a curling rod, the result is a bit more tousled too. The overnight method is obviously less damaging to your hair, but this is definitely a time-limit choice, if you last-minute decide to go for beach waves.

  1. Overnight Method (IMAGE:


So like I mentioned earlier, you will need to do this before bed for the full beach waves look. Another option is doing it with damp hair (in the case you desperately want beach waves in the middle of the afternoon); but it does not give you the full perfect look - in my opinion.So Step 1 is to twist your hair into chunks, just keep twisting! TIP: small and tight curls mean curlier the waves. So if you want bigger curls, don't twist too tight and use a bigger chunk of hair. The, step two, is the gather all the twists and pull it to the top.

Step 3, while holding the bundle of hair, spray with hairspray or salt spray (I will talk more about the products later in the blog post). Next, you scope all the twists and any hair strands remaining you twist it all together into a cinnamon bun. It doesn't have to look good or be perfect (you are going to be sleeping in it). Take a very stretchy hair elastic to hold it. Add one more coat of hairspray or salt spray.





Sleep time, now you wait. If you are doing this in the afternoon, let it dry. Once dried or when you wake up. Undo your topknot and using your fingers, comb through it. TIP: Do not use a brush. It de-wave you hair! 


This method varies between how you want to twist your hair. Some people twist it in to a big bun, but over the course of time, some twist their hair into a headband, it may even be a bit more comfortable to sleep in. It really depends on how you like it, and it is all about experimenting with your preferences.


  1. With heat. So using heat for beach waves is not something I do often, or at least as often as I sleep with a twisted bun. I have tried using the curling rod a few times, but I always end up going for the flat iron as I find it much easier to handle.


First thing first, is making sure you hair is dry. I see so many people flat ironing their hair when it is still damp, and I can’t emphasize on how much that damages your hair. So blow dry it, let it air dry. Plus, using the flat iron for curls, it works best with your hair is dry. If it is soaking wet, the process would work out poorly. I use a 1 inch flat iron, I don’t think I have ever used a flat iron that is larger than 1.5 inch. The 1 inch ones are just easier to handle and adjust accordingly. TIP: Keep your heat on medium, it is less damaging and keeps you more flexibility in styling.


The next step is sectioning your hair. If you have thick hair, this part is especially important. It will help you with curling, but this process do take longer. Section your hair by using clips and pins to part it. As you curl, you section less and less.


As you start curling, start from 3 inches down your hair, this will avoid poof. Never start from the top. As you curl, fold the hair backward, away from the face and position for a few seconds to let the curl set. Then, fold forward and let it slide. Again, as you fold it forward, let it set. This is the typical process of making small curls. Continue this throughout the strands of your hair. I personally have very thick hair, so this process takes around an hour or so to complete. TIP: For thick hair, to avoid clumps, alternate between moving the iron forward first and backward first, this will give opposite direction curls.


Examine for missed strands, this is super common for me. And then tousle and spray with hairspray. If this is a look you want for the whole day, and your hair tends to de-curl quick, give you hair a good spray before you start using the flat iron.


VIDEO: check this out, I have seen lots of YouTube tutorials on twist and flat ironing it. I haven’t tried it yet, but definitely looking forward to this summer. Has anyone else tried it?



So, I only use one product for my beach waves to be 100% honest. I have tried others before and I always come back to renewing this one. The Mai Tais Spritzer Sea Salt spray by Dry Bar. This product is to die for, it smells like heave and it works so well. It keeps my super thick hair intact. It dries in a matte finish, so it doesn’t leave any crunch as I find hairspray somethings give that look. Even on a regular hair day, I would sneak it to give that matte, anti-frizz look. (IMAGE: Most of my hair products are from Dry Bar, their line is definitely worth trying out! Let me know what other products you use for your perfect beach waves! I have tried TreSemme’s sea spray just a few weeks ago, didn’t love it – pretty average. Perhaps it’s my thick hair that takes such a strong salt spray to keep it up.  Ooh, one more product, unrelated to beach waves, but I use it every summer is John Freida’s lightening spray. My hair is like a medium to dark brown, I like a light glow in my hair for the Summer (when the sun reflects off of), this spray is amazing. Give me that little light glow, for a few months and then goes away. Such a gem find! Try it out! (IMAGE:

May 18, 2016 — Alex Judge

How To Contour Like The Professionals

Your complete guide to contour and highlight:

Contouring has taken the beauty world by storm. It is not a new phenomenon but thanks to Kim K; it has become the muse of every beauty enthusiast. There are new waves in the sea of contouring, the Clown Contour, Henna Contour, Hater Contour... etc. But this post is not about them, it’s your easy guide to Contour and Highlight.

You Will Need:

  • Light Foundation [Two Shades Lighter]
  • Dark Foundation. [Two shades Darker]


  • A Contour Palette of our choice.
  • Setting Powder.

Note: Make sure you use a shade that’s two shades lighter for the highlight and two shades darker for the contour. For contouring use a non shimmery bronzer. Make sure it is not orange and has grey/ brown undertones.

How To:


Start with a good base of a foundation that matches your skin tone. Once your base makeup is set move on to contouring.

  • Contour around the hairline to warm the face and shorten the forehead.
  • Contour one inch above the temple to add depth to the face.
  • Contour under the jaw line to add definition and slim the face.
  • Contour the underside of the cheekbone to strengthen your bone structure.
  • Use the dark shade contour on each side of the nose to make it look more slim and defined.
  • To shorten the length of your nose contour the tip in a V shape.

For the highlight:

  • Apply the highlighter underneath your eyes in a V shape. (Like shown in the picture.) Also high point of the cheekbone to define the cheeks.
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose.
  • Highlight under the eyebrow arch to lift the brow and brighten the eyes.
  • Highlight in the middle of the forehead to highlight the centre of your forehead.

Last and the most important step, Set it with a translucent powder.  And you’re all contoured to rock the world.

Image Source: GlamBoothTV

April 19, 2016 — Alex Judge