I absolutely love Spring time. It’s a good mixture of hot and cold weather which is perfect for me because I don’t cope too well in extremes! It’s also a great time to start experimenting a bit more with some hair styles because if you’re anything like me you will have spent the majority of winter either wearing bobble hats or sticking your hair up in a bun!

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Side Pinned
This is probably the most simple look you could go for and it suits just about everyone! If you want to adjust your look a little bit with minimal effort, the best thing to do is just pin one side of your hair back! It works with straight, curly or wavy hair and it can switch your look up instantly. Plus it’s a quick fix for any stray hairs that don’t want to play!
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Loose Plaits
Loose plaits look great over spring and summer in particular because they make you look like a serious beach babe. They’re super simple to master and even if you do them a bit too tight, it isn’t hard to pull them loose! You can either just do a half up – half down look with the ‘up’ portion in a loose plait at the back or you can add a couple to an up-do to make it look a bit more casual. The choices are endless and adding a couple of plaits is guaranteed to make you feel like a goddess.
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This is probably the most difficult to achieve for some, but if you know how to do it then it’s a great look! They seemed to grow in popularity a lot more after the Kardashians and Jenners started to embrace the look (I should know, I’ve had my younger sister pester me endlessly to get her hair like Kylie’s) and I’m definitely all for this look. Two simple braids are great to add a bit of casual detail to your look and depending how you wear them you’ll either look super chill or like a total bad ass.  
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A classic. Waves are such a classic spring/summer look and if you’re blessed with natural waves, your one of the lucky ones. I personally have a combination of wavy, straight and curly hair – meaning my hair just does whatever it wants and it never looks too good natural. Following on from the braids, they’re actually a good way to achieve the perfect waves without damaging your hair. All you need to do is braid your hair and leave it in overnight, then the next morning just take them out and brush through it – voila!
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Half Space Buns
This is definitely my favourite look at the minute and my go-to if I’m not too sure what to do with my hair in the morning. I’ve got quite a round face so normal space buns don’t suit me the best so I tend to lean more towards the two space buns on top with my hair flowing either wavy or straight! They’re so much easier to do than they look too as all you need to do is separate your hair, backcomb it a little and wrap it round! A few pins going in at a few different angles and they stay in place all day long! They’re super cute and super simple!
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