Ever wanted to know why my fame up is so FLAWLESS!!! Take a look into my make up bag!

Basic Face prepping

I have been using the Dior Mutli Perfection serum. It makes my make up looks flawlessIt has an amazing effect on the skin and can be use as a primer as well!!! Yes I am in love. But I always go back to the basic and use a primer from MAC.





My love right now are both Marc Jacobs (liquid & cream) foundation. As well as the Revlon 24 hour color stay. It’s smooth and both brands cater to my budget.



I have plenty of lip colors from a variety of beauty brands, but none the less I can’t go without anything pink or red. Which are my go to colors!!! But is also gets extremely cold where I live, so I also invested into a local all natural, vegan Shea butter from a brand called ButterLove by LC.



My eyebrows are a must and YES!!! I create them everydaylol. Practice makes perfect and these are the two items I use below! Anastasia Brow pomade and MAC concealer



Finally, these are the extras! My lashes, my Kat Von D eyeliner, my concealer I use as a highlighter.



This is just my daily make up bag but my bigger bag that full of the goodies has a lot more product! I have this help many of people!