Alright lovelies…it’s about that time. Spring has sprung, we’re cleaning and organizing like busy little bees, what better time than now to spruce up our vanities. Keeping beauty products neat, and organized is vital to the longevity and upkeep of them. While we’re on the subject I’m just going to come out and admit that I am an artist, which means by nature I’m pretty messy. Lol and according to YouTube’s organization guru Alejandra Costello, I am a certified “chucker”. This means that when I’m done with something, without realizing it, I literally “chuck” it to the side. What a headache! Lol So, in an effort to tame this horrible habit of mine I began investigating organization strategies for “chuckers” like myself. Let’s discuss the first one:

When it comes to organizing our cosmetics bags are a wonderful choice. Most cosmetic bags are fairly small in size, and are excellent for travel, or if you don’t have very much make up. I travel a lot with my make up so I have invested in a nice size travel case. In my case I also use bags. They keep all my lippies and pencils neat and safe.

For the artist on the go, I have found cases to be very convenient and a nice way to carry, store and organize my make up. Here’s a peek into my actual case:

When traveling for a job I am sure to take only the things I know that I will need based on the client consultation. There are also a few things I like to keep handy just in case the need comes up. As you can see I have my bags, my palettes, as well as my compacts all in one spot. And the lashes that I absolutely life by. Nu Bounsom’s 100% Mink lashes are everything. You can order them at and if you use my code: queenoftheglammed you get 20% off!!! Anyway, I digress, lol. So this is my travel case.

A recent craze in cosmetic organizing are acrylic organizers. Shown below, these are awesome because you can see what you have, and the spacers are easily accessible. These are best for stationary vanities.


When it comes to brushes, the right brush can make all the difference in the world. Keeping them clean, and separate from other products is vital. Brushes tend to hold product and bacteria, so a regular cleaning regiment is vital as well as allowing them to air dry. Keeping them organized doesn’t have to be expensive. They can simply be kept in a jar, an old candle holder, or even a can. I thought this was a cute idea:


It’s cute, uber simple and very creative, I’m willing to bet not very expensive either. Brush bags and belts are good ways of storing brushes during travel or work, just be sure to remove the brushes and properly clean the bags as well, otherwise the germs will continue to spread. Trust me, germs cause break outs and all kind of problems for the professional make up artist. Let’s err on the side of caution.

Speaking of caution, another tip to organizing like a pro is knowing and keeping track of the shelf life of your cosmetics. An outdated cosmetic can be very harmful. Whether it’s make up, perfume, or any kind of skin cream. I found this to be a helpful guide in keeping my cosmetics properly stored, rotated as well as knowing when and what to get to rid of.

So, lovelies, I hope these tips were helpful and will get you organizing like a pro! Please subscribe, and leave a note that you dropped by. Follow me on IG @queenoftheglammed_mua and Like my FB page Love Make Up Life. Love ya!!!!!


Angie Brand