I still remember back in elementary school, when I got my hands on my first bottle of nail polish from my best friend. It was a nice bright pink colour. I also remember how I got in trouble when I got home by my mom. Oh, how the time has changed! Nowadays, we are way beyond a simple coat of nail polish. Adding that sparkle coat on your nails isn’t as special as it used to be. Nail trends have expanded diversely throughout the years, and even within the last few months. I’ve a few friends that’s obsessed with getting their nails done weekly and I love getting inspiration off them! In today’s blog post, I will be going through some nail trends that’s been going on for the past few months, and if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t miss out! 


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Marble everything! The marble pattern has been circling around for a period of time now. My phone case, my mac laptop cover, my notebook, they are literally all one marble matching set! So, what not match them with my nails. There are so many variety and creativity you can play around with with the marble patter. My Pinterst wall is filled with inspiration for marbled nails  If you have the skills, this is something you can do at home as well!


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    Ombre isn't just for the hair. The gradient glory can be on your nails too. The monochromatic fades is a lot easier to create than you would think! You can play around with different colours for this look.

    The instructions are as follows:


    Prep your nails with a base coat.

    Once dry, first apply the lightest shade of your nail polish colours as your base. Try using a white nail polish as the base, this will make the colour more vibrant.

    A great tip to avoid getting polish on your fingertips, try applying Vaseline to the cuticles and around your nails. One of my favourite tricks!

    Then, to create your gradient, paint your ombre nail colors in straight, horizontal lines side by side, slightly overlapping each other on a small piece of paper. I recommend starting with the lightest color at the top and into the darker shades. Two or three colors are most ideal.

    Next, take your nail sponge and lightly press it down on pair of nail polish. Then, take your polish-infused sponge and carefully stamp the polish onto your nails


        Nail Trends For 2017

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        If we talk more about nail shapes that’s popular for this season, it’s with no doubt Stiletto shape. This is a more daring, sexy fitting personality. Low key, I am more of a round or square nail type, but not going to lie, I had my nails done in Stiletto shape this summer! Also, not to mention Kylie Jenner totally inspired me on this one!

        Another trend that is huge right now is matte nails. Although this trend has been going on for a while now, it is still around. I really like matte sometimes because it’s subtle. Especially for eye catching colors, or very vibrant hues, matte makes it less catchy!
        I hope you all try these before summer is over! What nail trends have you tried this season?