There are some great ways to get tanned for the summer without sitting in the sun. Alternatively, there are also products you can use that helps you tan faster and better with added products. These products listed below will get you a glowing and brilliance tan. Some products may work better than others depending your skin tone, give a few of them a try this summer and see which one works best for you. These products are cost effective in comparison to going into a tanning salon for your tan. In addition to it being natural rather than artificial. Check these products out, and also a tip is to use latex gloves when dealing with tanning products to avoid spotting.


The Marula Dry Oil Self Tan by Vita Liberata (can be purchased at Ulta) is a 50 SPF three in one. It treats skin with non-greasy oil while giving an instant tan, and protect the skin too. This is an organic skin products and the tan usually last up to ten days. If you pick up your bottle by May 14, you can also receive a deluxe ten minute tan via Ulta. 

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Another great and FAMOUS product also available on Ulta is St Tropez. There is a reason why it’s so well known, and that is because it works fabulous! The gradual tan classic everyday body lotion is perfect if you are aiming for that natural, skin kissed glow. The lotion helps with hydrating while building a healthy looking tan. Another bonus for this is that it works with all skin tones. It is also streak free, easy to apply, and SUPER quick drying. Another bonus if you purchase this via Ulta  you will receive a sample of Sculpt and Glow!

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If you aren’t so much into tanners there is a new line that focus on glowing for the legs and contouring. The line Say Hello To Sexy Legs has a bunch of great products that helps with your glow. The tinted glow gel works perfectly in giving softer looking skin and covering imperfection while giving a natural looking bronze glow. This is THE KEY to perfect legs. Another product from their line is the illuminating fluid, this product also help with highlighting the legs through a shimmer and youthful glow. This can also be used for the arms as well, and not just the legs! 


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