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Yoga & Workout Routine

I totally wanted to start this blog post off with the classic YouTube “Hey everyone! Rachel here, and  today we will be talking about yoga and workout routines!” And, I guess I kinda just did start this blog post off with the infamous YouTube starter, and so you might have guessed by now, but today’s blog post will be on a few of my favorite Yoga and Workout routines on YouTube.


I will raise my hand high and admit I am one of the laziest person ever. I plop into bed after classes, stay in bed doing studying, Netflix, grab food, then get right back into bed. And I actually started noticing body aches throughout my body. It could also be the lack of sleep I was getting as well, but that’s when I realized I need to take better care of my body. So, I turned to Youtube and found these really great, easy to do, exercises and stretches, and I found it so helpful and successful. I mean I am only 21, but throughout the few years I came to a realization that if you don’t take care of your body now, it gets worse from here.


The thing is, I never really turned to exercising as a regular routine because, in my opinion, I am fairly skinny, so I never really thought I would need to, because the whole losing weight through exercising got me in the closed-mined mentality. But in fact, working out, and moving your body does a whole lot more. So, I really hope you all find this blog post helpful and remember to keep your body moving!


This is one of my go-to routines when I feel bloated after a meal. I had a period of time where I plopped into bed right after eating and it was so bad for my digestive system because of acid. I was bloated for weeks. I started doing this routine every other day an hour after dinner and I found it really helpful.


Image Courtesy of Yoga With Adrienne | via 


Another great thing about yoga is helping you distress. I actually started doing yoga a year ago on and off through my University campus because I was so stress in school. My mom suggested I look into it to help calm me down and relax, wind down. So I went to their distressing sessions and it really help me. If you haven’t done a routine like this before, I promise that you will feel so good afterwards.


Yoga with Adriene is so great, her channel has pretty much any type of yoga you are looking for. Everyone once in a while I would pull up a yoga toning video to challenge myself but I usually end up dying half way through because it’s challenging! If you don’t know where to start, check out her playlist of 30 days of Yoga that will get you through some of the basics moves of Yoga!

Image Courtesy of Yoga With Adrienne | via 

If yoga is too zen and you want a better workout, I workout with Cassey Ho via Blogilates. Similarly to Adriene’s channel, I find these two fairly similar, except Cassey is more upbeat and focusing on toning and working out the body. Cassey workout via pop music in the background, so you can never get bored of her videos. A few of my favourites is the booty, arms, and abs work-out. Last year, around July, I did atleast one of her video along with my cardio everyday for maybe three weeks? I am hoping to start it again sometime soon, once I get off my lazy butt ;)

Image Courtesy of Blogilates | via 

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