So, technically, I don’t have a makeup bag – but I do go through stages of sticking to the same products and that counts right? I don’t switch my everyday makeup around too often and if I do it’s just one product at a time. But saying that, the products I’m using right now are completely different to the ones I was using this time last year! Obviously they’re all firm favourites (hence why I reach for them every day) and here’s why!

I’ve been using the L’Oreal True Match foundation for around 4 months now and I love it. No, it’s not the best coverage in the world – but it’s a perfect match to my skin tone! It’s perfect for everyday wear because I can build it slightly to cover blemishes that little bit more and it’s pretty resilient (it lasts all day even through wet weather).

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So I do use a couple, three to be exact and I’ve been using these for around 6 months I think. I use the NYX concealers in Yellow and Green to correct my complexion first off, and then after I’ve applied my foundation I use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Light and I love it! The green colour corrector is a bit of a tricky one as it’s so bright that if you use the slightest bit too much you can’t cover it very well with foundation (I don’t think I need to tell you that a green face is not a good look) but the Collection 2000 concealer is probably my favourite so far. It’s quite thick and creamy so it glides over your skin and is an absolute dream to blend, but you do have to get in there fast as it dries pretty quickly. It gives a medium-full coverage so it’s perfect for stubborn spots or dark circles, meaning I don’t really need a full coverage foundation!

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Setting Powder
Ever since the NYX stand opened in my town I’ve been making a visit pretty much every time I go into the centre and one staple that I pick up every other month or so is the Translucent setting powder! I save a couple of people raving about this product before I bought it and I can definitely see why. I always used to use a coloured powder which, combined with oily skin, always made my face look cakey. This translucent powder is super lightweight and makes your face feel so soft all day. It does a pretty good job at keeping any oils at bay too!

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Eyes & Brows
Lately I switched over to using the NYX Tame & Frame Gel on my brows and it’s made a world of difference! My eyebrows are a lot more controlled and a lot sleeker so it’s definitely a change for the better. I also switched my mascara late last year too, over to the Benefit Rollerlash to make my lashes a bit more noticeable when I’m wearing shadows but don’t fancy fiddling around with eyeliner. I only really started experimenting with eye shadows a lot more towards the end of last year but now I’m absolutely obsessed! My go-to palettes at the minute are the Kyshadow Bronze and the Morphe x Kathleen Lights palettes – combined they give me some solid base and neutral tones, alongs with some bright pops of colour if I fancy dressing up a bit more!

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Ahh my favourite part! I do tend to stick to the same kind of products when it comes to these three, but mainly because I’m so pale that it’s hard to find colours that don’t completely wash me out! The blush that I’ve been using for the last 6 months is the NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me, a lovely dusty purple that has a dark pink look to it. It doesn’t wash me out at all, it just gives me a bit of colour to my cheeks to make me look more alive! Bronzer is definitely a hard one when you have alabaster skin, but the Colourpop Bon Voyage bronzer is a live saver for me! It’s not orange in the slightest, and it’s definitely buildable so I can wear it both in the office and out at the weekends! They’re currently discontinuing the Super Shock Bronzer range, but hopefully they will be bringing this one back with their new powder formula! I also use the Colourpop highlighter is Flexitarian pretty often too. I go back and forth between Flexitarian and TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer depending on my mood for the day – I find that Flexitarian is a lot shinier so I wear that a bit more at weekends when I can do a complete look!

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