Would you look at that, January just sped through us and we are now celebrating the second month of 2017 – February! And now that we hit February, just two more weeks until Valentine’s Day! For someone who has been in a relationship for the past few years, I honestly find Valentine’s day to be one of the most lame holiday because you should be treated like a princess every day – but regardless, I will take a day of being spoiled! So whether you are doing a couple-thing, hitting the bar with you best friend or even sitting at home hating this stupid holiday, do it looking cute. Today’s blog post will cover a few valentine’s day inspired looks, this will include outfits, make-up look and even a cute nail design!

A ruffle skirt is a super cute piece for Valetine’s Day. A ruffle skirt makes an outfit more feminine, less stiff and whole lot of fun! I love styling a ruffle skirt with a more simple top that makes your skirt pop! I recommend pulling your hair back and keeping the rest of your outfit simple. It’s all about keeping your body balanced with the ruffles. 

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Another outfit look is the classic lace! If you can even pull off a red or pink lace dress, that’s even better! If you know me, I will probably be heading out in a black lace dress – just because my whole closet is black. By all means, get out with some spirit of Valentine’s day colours! A colourful lace skirt is super easy to wear! You can keep in a bit more casual by wearing it with a white tee and a open chambray shirt. Or if you want to look a bit more fancy, you can wear it with a fitted blazer! For a more eye-catching look, try an a-line skirt with floral top! If it’s not too cold add a pair of cute heels, platform sandals plus a simple necklace.

For you makeup, try this soft and polished look I found on The Every Girl. This make up look takes on a few shades of red and pink which is perfect for this holiday! Start with your usual foundation and cover-up. Make sure your skin tone is even, I recommend using the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, along with a brightening serum as a base. Then, to add a soft intensity, stick with the neutral palette of gold, light brown and mainly nude colours! The Too Faced All Natural Matte palette is filled with the best colours! Blend blend and blend! Then complete the look with a thin layer of eyeliner, try not to bold it too much. Plus a few layers of mascara! Keep your cheeks rosy with a light bronzer or you can even skip that and jump right to a rosy blush for a cute flush! Finally, you can top it off with either a bold red lipstick or a soft pale pink lipgloss as the final touch! 

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And finally, to finish off this blog post here is my 2017 favorite valentine’s day nail design!

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