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Travel Instagrammers to Follow

I never really manage to hop on a plane and jet off somewhere nice so following travel Instagrammers is pretty bitter sweet. Of course it’s amazing to see all of these beautiful places from the comfort of your sofa or bed, but the FOMO definitely kicks in when you haven’t got a holiday planned yet. So whether you want a bit of inspiration or to give yourself a bit of a boost to get that vacation booked, these are who I believe are among the best Travel Instagrammers! 


I have no idea how she does it, but every single photo in Kiersten’s feed is incredible. This is definitely the kind of account that makes me jealous for numerous reasons. Not only is she travelling around the world, seeing beautiful places and taking advantage of her insane photography skills, she also quite a stunner. If I ever get just one photo like this, I’ll be pretty chuffed! (Also, that inflatable swan is something I definitely need in my life).



Ok so this is pretty incredible. This account is basically one guy exploring the world, but working a 9 to 5?! I need to know how this is even possible because if this is legit I’m going need a sign up sheet! These aren’t always your typical beach photos but there’s one guarantee – they’re always beautiful.


I’ll be honest, as cheesy as those ‘follow me’ photos can be, I’m a bit of a sucker for them. This account is 95% follow me photos so if you’re not a fan, this won’t be for you, but you do still get to see all of the beautiful places the world has to offer! A perk to these too is that it shows you how tourists in different cultures tend to dress as they do tend to adjust outfits depending on where they are!




Just wow. I feel like Lee just seems to stumble upon places around the world that I’d never even think of, so that definitely makes him a great account for inspiration! My next holiday will definitely be taken from this account as I love hidden gems and a good pink sunset! Now just to decide which one to go for…





I love a good Instagram theme but I have no idea how Elise manages to maintain one on a travel account! Every photo in this account is stunning and it’s a nice bonus that there are a few more action shots than the others mentioned in this list. It’s lovely to get a sneak peek at different places around the world, but it’s the cherry on the cake when you get to see what you can get up to there too!



This is definitely one of my favourites of the bunch, and that’s mainly because of the food. If I were to create a travel account (in another universe where I actually have spare cash) this would definitely be my kind of style. I love that you get a peak of the scenery and some sort of snack from each destination. I have no idea how she manages to find such photogenic food but I’m in awe of every photo!


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