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Top Bucket List Places To Visit

Oh, so many places to go, yet so little time! Traveling around the world to as many places as I can have always been a goal of mine. My passion for this really kicked in sometime during the end of last year and this year. I have made some plans to travel to Israel in a few months, fingers crossed – hopefully London. And next year I will be heading to Singapore! Last year I went to Hong Kong and Mexico, so my list is starting to grow and I am really excited! Aside from aimlessly travelling into the world, there are a particular few places and “destinations” I dream to go one day. This list was started almost three years ago and it continues to grow throughout the years. So, in today’s blog post, I will be covering some of the must-go destinations that have been on my bucket list forever.


This list is in no particular order. I think at this age in my life it’s kind of  like a whatever cheap flight tickets or opportunities come by. Travelling by all means is not cheap and I always try to look out for the best deals and explore!

So, on my bucket list is Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I actually didn’t know much about Iceland until one of my best friend did a trip with her family there. Upon looking into Iceland, I came across these gorgeous photos of the Blue Lagoon. Sadly, my friend didn’t end up going (I still think that was a mistake) but the turquoise pool is like a world wonder. In my opinion, it’s like magic! You can even apply the white mud to your face for radiant skin! 

Image Courtesy of When In Iceland | via


Japan is on my bucket list once I save up enough money to travel around Asia. One destination in Japan that I am totally looking forward to going is the Spring Baths. You might have heard of this one because it’s quite popular among the Japanese Alps. I believe I have seen a few bloggers post about their experience. The Spring Baths is essentially a soaking tradition in their onsen bathhouse – think: luxurious bath and wellness resort. I forgot to mention, you will be bathing with naked strangers (or so I’ve heard) ;) 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 


Machu Picchu! You will haven ever experience nature until you go on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. One of my friend just went there and I was so jealous of his snaps. What’s even more cool above all of the views you will experience is that they have this see-through pod hotels hanging 400 feet above the valley. You will have to take a zip wire if you want to get down from the floating hotel room. It is so thrilling! I am so excited to go to Peru for this! 

Image Courtesy of Design Boom | via 


My last one might sound different, rather than “views” I am abit curious on the cultural aspect of Egypt. I have always wanted to visit pyramids. I had a teacher back in high school mention something about going under a pyramid and how there’s gems and tombs. I have been so curious to check it out ever since! This is definitely more of a cultural learning experience that I have always wanted to do and explore! 

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