Top 10 Beauty Guru Youtubers

If you are all about all things beauty, you obviously know YouTube is where you should hit up for on fleek brows, and killer game contouring. So many of these gurus are slaying hard of the beauty game!

Beauty gurus bring out some of my best makeup looks, new tips and tricks, product recommendations and practically half of my makeup life. If I am not on Netflix, I am probably browsing through the new videos of never-ending list of subscribed channels. So many of these vloggers bring out such amazing inspiration, passion and definitely information. I pretty much look forward to new videos every single week.

YouTube has revolutionized beauty without a doubt. The video and forum brings together a whole new community with the same enthusiastic passion for makeup looks, how-to's, nail designs, hair tutorials, and so much more. 

I will start off with a few of the popular makeup gurus that you must follow. I promise they are famous for a reason! I will also move on to a few beauty gurus that are hidden but just as amazing and should get more fame! Plus, at the end of this article I will get into two of my favourite male beauty gurus that might teach you a few tricks you have never heard of!           

You have to know Michelle Phan, I have been subscribing to her since I don't even know when! She has been around for so many years and has over 6 million subscribers. Her most viewed video is the Barbie Transformation Tutorial with over 52 million view, it is so cute! She posts videos every Fridays and she is very well known for tutorials on Disney princess, anime character and fictional characters. If you caught my GenBeauty article earlier this year, Michelle Phan is the creator of the event, along with the very famous – IPSY!

Image Courtesy of Michelle Phan | via

Zoella is filled with tutorials that are so relatable to everyday life, including fashion, make-up challenges (which are so funny and entertaining), DIYs are also one of my favourites! She has collaborated with other YouTube gurus, and it is so nice to see them all bonding - it's like double the talent in one! One of my all time go to is her hair tutorials, they are hands down the easiest to follow up, I promise you will fall head over heels for them!

Image Courtesy of Zoella | via

Chriselle Lim's style is so elegant, along with her beauty expertise and looks. She hosts the best giveaways too! 

Bubz also use to do a lot of beauty tutorials but now I am just obsessed with her baby/family life vlogs and videos.  

Blair Fowler she was my idol a few years back, as in like five years ago because I her room tour was the bomb, but her how-to's, nail care, makeup, fashion is always a pleasure to watch!

Image Courtesy of JuicyStar07 | via 

There are a few less-known beauty gurus which I am also head over heels for and follow up with. They are just as wonderful and talented as the few I mentioned above. Check them out, because they deserve just as much recognition for their hard and creative work!

Fiona Frills is an actor, and you will get to know her soon enough when you start watching her videos. She is so funny and outgoing! 

Katura Kay got all bling in her videos, her videos are always so much to watch! 

I grew with Wengie from the start, her "Beginners Bigger Eyes Drugstore Makeup Tutorial" is one of my favs. So happy for her that she is at 2.5 million subscribers, because she totally deserves it! 

 Image Courtesy of Wengie | via

And, you can't just leave the girls to contouring, because without a doubt there are some amazing and super talented male beauty gurus out there that know just as much, if not more makeup tips than of the ladies.

Image Courtesy of Wayne Goss | via 

Wayne Goss from the United Kingdom is killing it with his professional tips and tricks. His level of contouring is high as Kim K, with that said one of his most popular video "how to contour and highlight like Kim Kardashian" has over 10 million hits. He also has a handful of great tips and tricks including "Getting rid of black heads" and "Making pores disappear"!  His channel is a must check-out!  PS new videos twice a week (those are my favs; the more the merrier!)

Another of my favourite is Manny MUA! His rocking attitude ft. his rocking looks are unstoppable. He has so much energy in all his video and literally gets my week glowing! Practically the next Patrickstarrr. He also those a lot of "makeup challenge" type videos and they get me laughing every single time. One of my all time go-to smoky-eye look is by him.

Image Courtesy of Manny MUA | via 

All of his tricks in between are also so handy and easy to do!

There are many amazing beauty gurus on YouTube and picking 10 was not easy, however every beauty guru has something unique and different to offer, therefore they are all top beauty gurus!