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Tips On Packing Outfits For Your Next Vacation

Depending on the type of person you are, packing for a holiday can either be the best thing in the world or one of the worst tasks. But if you’re one of those that contemplates even going away to avoid packing, then there are some simple tips to keep you going and get you excited about what you’re going to wear!

Tip 1: Dress accordingly to the location. I think this goes without saying, but who knows, maybe some people choose to pack a few bikinis when they go skiing? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that looks up the average temperature of wherever I’m going before I even book the vacation, so you should have a general idea. If not, just give it a quick Google to give yourself an idea!

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Tip 2: Colors matter. If you’re going somewhere hot then you’re obviously going to be sweating a bit more than usual, so there are some colors you should avoid. Anything black will absorb heat so that’s number one on your avoid list (unless you don’t mind heatstroke) – although the odd pair of shorts won’t hurt. Colors such as grey and khaki should definitely be avoided in any kind of heat, because they tend to show sweat patch so much more than any other colors! I’d personally play it a bit safer color-wise and go for white and pastels – although I never need an excuse to wear a dusty pink!

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Tip 3: Always have a back-up. No matter where you go, weather is never guaranteed – so always be prepared! I’m not saying that a ski resort will have a sudden heatwave and the whole place will melt, and you won’t catch any snow in Portugal either! But, I’d always pack at least one item for the opposite kind of weather. Whenever I have a vacation somewhere hot, I’ll always take at least a cardigan or jacket with me, sometimes even a rain coat (Pac-a-Macs are perfect for this) depending on the time of year and weather forecast! It’s never nice to have a holiday ruined by the weather, but there’s nothing wrong with preparing for a little bit of light rain!

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Tip 4: Give your shoes some thought. Wherever you go, I can guarantee your shoes are going to take up a good chunk of your luggage and in my opinion, there’s nothing more annoying. But there is a way to cut it right down, and that’s by giving some good thought to the shoes you take with you! Let’s be real, you don’t need 7 pairs of shoes for a week away, and you can cut this right down to bare necessities. You obviously need shoes to match the weather (sandals for heat and boots for the cold) but you don’t actually need that much more! You could chuck a pair of heels in for good measure and if you’re the type of person that loves to go sight-seeing or out on excursions then some sort of trainers are pretty essential, but you only need the one pair! Plus, to save you some room you can wear them on the journey to and from your destination so you’re not having to shove them in your bags!

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Tip 5: The perfect bag. Not every girl always has a bag on her, but majority do – right? I can’t go anywhere without some form of bag myself, so when it comes to holidays, I always hunt for the most versatile bag I can find! You need something small enough to carry around all day without it dragging you down but with enough space to fit all of your essentials. Whether it be a tote bag, and backpack (my personal holiday favorite) or a little cross-body bag, you’re going to be using it all holiday with every outfit – so it has to be versatile and you’ve got to love it!

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