I’m pretty sure Summer is the only time I actually want to be out of the house and doing something because most of autumn and winter are spent laying on the couch watching sitcoms and drinking Dr Pepper (along with those rainy spring days too of course). But when it comes to summer, I just get the overwhelming urge to do something with my life. Maybe it’s the weather or the fear of missing out, either way summer always give me a kick up the backside and I’m sure this year will be no different!



I love a good barbeque and this year I fully intend on absolutely stuffing my face! For some reason, we never tend to have barbeques even though I’m constantly nagged to get one going. I just can’t really be bothered with all of the prep and the effort it can take (because if you’re going to do it then you have to go all out!) but this year will be different! I’m in no way saying it will be a regular occurrence, but I definitely want to sneak a couple in before summer comes to an end!

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Every single year I spend a good portion of summer keeping up to date and depressing myself in a sea of photos and videos from the various festivals happening around me, but for some reason I never seem to go to any. Of course, I know festival tickets can be super pricy and the idea of camping does send a slight shiver down my spine – but I would give anything to be dancing away, covered in sequins and slightly intoxicated. Yes, I can do this at home (how sad would that look?) but it’s the atmosphere that gives it a real buzz. So yeah, a festival is definitely on my bucket list for this year!

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I’m so desperate for a holiday this year that just about anywhere would do me. I don’t care if I’m not lounging by a pool sipping cocktails, just a bit of sun and the chance to get away from this desk would do me perfectly. Maybe it’s because it’s holiday season and pretty much everyone has a vacation planned except for me, but I’m getting sick of being the only one not going away!

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Strawberry Picking

One of the more inexpensive options, but a pretty good one to check off the list none the less. For the last few years I’ve wanted to go strawberry picking in summer but I’ve always been met with “why would I want to do that?”, only for my partner to turn around in September last year and finally admit it would’ve been a good idea! So it’s settled, this year we’re doing it. And if I get some good candid photos from the experience then all the more reason to go!

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Get my steps up

At the minute I only seem to be racking up around 3000 steps a day (just in case you wanted to feel a little bit better about your own effort) and that’s pretty bad. I need to get my steps up to at least average – although I’ve heard the aim is around 10,000 – and I reckon it’ll do me good to start walking more. Ever since I started driving I can barely be bothered to make the 5 second walk from my house to the car and pretty much any staircase will lead to 10 minutes of short breath, neither of which are signs of a healthy 20 year old. So starting from the first weekend of summer, I’m getting some more long walks in, seeing a bit of nature won’t hurt me!

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