I think ever since I moved out to school I have started to watch my budget and balance my spending on meals but still have enough to get a new shirt, or a new pair of boots. So throughout the years, I have started doing a bit more research on how I can save a few dollars here and there, but still able to show off a new outfit on a date or girls night out weekend. At first, I had that sense of doubt of how a few dollars is nothing and can probably get me an extra cup of coffee, but I found that the more I learn of different ways, the more and more I get to save up. There are so many consumer-smart tricks out there and it’s honestly how you take advantage of it! So, in today’s blog post, I will share a few of my favorite tips that save me a few dollars and still have some top notch shopping!

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For the basic, I highly recommend the store Uniqlo. The store recently opened up in Toronto (Eaton’s Center) and I believe it first started in Asia. They carry a line of basic (solid colors mainly) t-shirts, long sleeves, tank-tops, jackets, etc. and is known for their exceptional quality. I got a few t-shirts there myself and they are super comfy and doesn’t seem to wear out. There prices are also great, and when they do go on sale, it’s super worth.


If you are looking for trendy pieces at a cheap price, there are a handful of “fast-fashion” shops online where you can find cheap and super chic garments. The catch is, I find that most of the pieces are not high-quality, and meant more of a “for the season” type thing. So through trial and error, I have actually found a few shops that sells better quality trendy pieces. In my opinion, it’s better to buy a $40 top that you can wear 10+ times rather than a $20 top that you can wear once or twice. Here are a few of my top pick stores:


http://shop.mango.com/preHome.faces - I never shop at their newest collection because pieces can go as high as $80+ BUT if you keep an eye out for the sales, I have picked up some deals for $5 - $10 that was originally $60 or up! Their style is towards solid colors with super unique cutes and fabric combination.


http://us.asos.com/ - if you have never been on ASOS, you are missing out! They are my number one go to for semi-formal and casual dresses. They have a huge selection and I promise you would have the best time every browsing through their store! In addition, they also have ASOS Tall, ASOS Petite and ASOS Maternity – for everyone’s needs!


http://www.tobi.com/ - TOBI also has adorable tops with interesting necklines and backs! They also have some great sales in between seasons!


https://www.modcloth.com/o - Lastly, Modcloth is also a great browse for vintage pieces. Their pieces are a bit funkier compared to the other shops I have suggested, but also add a bit more quirkiness and inspiration to your closet!


Another option to finding some cute designer or “in” pieces is through consignment shops. I have recently discovered this chain of consignment shops called Plato’s Closet acrossed Toronto. Essentially, people (like you) can sell your pieces to them, and then they would resell it out for you! So, you would get cash for pieces you don’t want anymore and buy new pieces to add to your closet! I highly recommend you check out a store near you, or even on their Instagram page!


One last thing is sample sales! If you live you the US you are probably so much more privileged than those in Canada because there are so much more sample sales. Keep an eye out and check for department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks for extremely discounted designer products. In Canada, Toronto particularly, I go to Sally’s Cosmetic Warehouse Sale every year. They have discounted beauty products, such as $3 Essie nail polishes, and a large selection of discounted perfumes too. A quick tip is to arrive early and beware of lines. Also, don’t forget to wear the comfiest pair of shoes you own! 

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