As the warm weather continues to approach us, this week I will be focusing on Spring Wardrobe Essentials. I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to get rid of all my bulky sweaters and loose the layers. Although I am all about summer, I am excited for Spring because I recently got this super cute light jacket, but it’s just not warm enough to wear yet. Along with my new pair of rain boots that I only got to wear a few times. My fingers are crossed for more rain!

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There are a few type of spring jackets to choose from this season. I am so obsessed with Aritizia’s jacket collection this season. I am totally sensing a splurging day sometime soon. The bomber jacket has been fairly in since last year, I think it started mainly in the men’s section, but now the it’s all over the women’s selections too. This is a versatile piece that would look great casually. It’s best worn with jeans or even a casual dress. Check out all the other bomber Aritiza sells, they are some really unique ones. The ones I really like a more simple, but that could very well be because I like things simple. Another style of jacket that is really popular is the blazer meet trench coat. Jcrew and Michael Kors have a great variety styles for this type of jackets too. This type of coat is more elegant, classy and sophisticated. I got this is black and it looks great with a tight black/dark coloured dress or a cute top and leggings. I find that the black really slims you out a lot! And lastly, another jacket you need for Spring is a windbreaker. I usually don’t splurge on this because I only wear it when it’s rainy or it’s bad weather. This is a perfect pick up for school and sweatpants and a tee.

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Another must need item for Spring is rain boots! Rain boots are essential for the wet and rainy conditions. I love wearing rain boots because you can literally jump into puddles without any worry. Funny story, this one time I stepped right into this huge puddle when I could have easily avoided it, but not knowing there was mud underneath and I had to slowly wiggle myself out. that puddle was probably not worth jumping into. There is a huge selection of rain boots to choose from. The famous Hunters are all over the streets, but recently Hunters have came up with some great and unique designs. My personal favorite is their clear collection. I just think these are so cool because you can see what color socks you are wearing. In addition to Hunters, another great brand of rain boots is Sam Edelman. My friend got this pair a few months ago and she loves them!

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