Every feel season I like to revamp my room, rather it’s moving furniture around, new painting up, new organizer, I just love a new feel to my space. I recently came back home from University and will be staying here for four months. So, I thought since I will be spending so much time here for the new few months, why not give it a mini makeover. I remember having this conversation with a friend, and how she mentioned it’s only four months and how the renovation will take at least 2 months. And I totally proved her wrong. It doesn’t take much to revamp and reorganize your room, and in fact a few décor can actually make it look so much better! Another great thing is that there are some super cute décor you can make to save a few dollars. So in today’s blog post I will be sharing a few of my favorites décor pieces and some great DIYS you can create! 

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IKEA is one of my favorite place to shop. I am so excited for the day I move into my new condo or house and just buy everything from IKEA. For now, I always love browsing their décor section to add to my room! A bit of green never hurts especially during the Spring time. Check out these super cute goodies to add to your room.


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My personal favorite is the mini greenhouse, although it looks simple, you can revamp it up to something super unique.

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Another cute add-on to your room are mason jars, you can actually create these or purchase them. Recently, I found this adorable and lovely rustic design jars that looks amazing with hydrangeas!  One thing that’s so great about mason jars like these are that you can customize it to any colours that best suits your room look! Similarly, with the flowers too. I usually go for fake flowers because I never remember to water plants.

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Also, I have to add these in because I have a big addiction for pillows. I try to pick up pillows to match the season every few months. When I saw these pillows I was so obsessed and just had to pick them up!

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 There are also a few super cute craft and DIY décor you can create too! I always find the best and easiest ones on Pintrest, and it’s so awesome to see other people creating it too! One of them are the mason jars I mentioned earlier, if you don’t want to buy them on Etsy, you can create them yourself through this tutorial - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/535858055642634922/.


I was also so inspired by a few gorgeous backdrops you can create for your home. Check these out for great inspirations! I also find that backdrops are a bit better than wall art because of that 3D feel to it! 

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I would love to see what you come up with!