A new season doesn’t mean JUST looking for new clothes for the wardrobe… make sure you also find those perfect accessories, best seasonal skin care routine and a whole new scent! If you are like me, of course, we all have that one “classic” scent, but it is always nice to spice it up to match the seasonal vibes. In this blog post today, I will recommend a few of my favorite perfumes that I think is perfect for Spring! Plus, with the fabulous Sephora sale going on, this is THE perfect time to snatch a newbie to add to your collection.

When I think perfume, I mind jumps right the Marc Jacobs. Even though Chloe is my go-to, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is definitely next in line. Marc Jacobs has never launched a perfume that disappoint. Daisy and the sister Daisy Eau So Fresh are both amazing classic scents. If you have never smelled these two before – go, go, go! For Spring in particular I would highly change it up with Marc Jacobs Dot perfume. This perfume was launched a few years ago back in Spring of 2012, I have a bottle around and usually save it for Spring. It has a combination of red berries and dragon fruit mix, along with a trail of vanilla and coconut musk. I especially love that hint of vanilla because I usually wear a vanilla spray underneath any perfumes I wear in general. The bottle is in a shape of a ladybug, definitely something super special.

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Another personal favorite for Spring is Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue. This scent really give off a “fresh” impression, and I usually use it in Spring and Summer. Right when this hit my skin, it reminds me of a field of grass and water. It’s a safe, light, fresh clean perfume and definitely not too strong. It also a light floral scent with a trailing woody flavors. In comparison to Miu Miu  perfume, that one seems to be more of  citrus and grapefruit scent, still a great smell but I definitely prefer L’Eau Bleue for Spring more.

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A newly launched perfume this Spring 2017 is from Victoria Secret and it is called Tease Flower. I love VS perfumes because they tend to be not super expensive and they always have new scents coming out for each season. So whenever I am seeking for a new seasonal scent, they are always my go-to! This perfume is more towards a vanilla and sugar fragrance, with a mix of light floral. Dispite the name, I actually find this less floral and more sweet instead. Indeed, I don’t mind this at all, like I mention earlier I am weak for vanilla. In comparison to Miu Miu or Dot, as I mentioned earlier, this scent is more young and juvenile rather than classy. If you have ht Jo Malone Blush Suede, this has a very similar scent. Also a side note is that this perfume, and like all other VS perfumes, they are super long lasting. 

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Closing this blog post off by adding in that Jo Malone is a go to for finding new scents, rather it’s for a special event, or a new season. Their collection and line is endless and I promise you, that you will find something you fall in love with. A few of my classic go-to are from them!