I don’t know about you but all those Coachella pictures over this weekend got me dancing and jamming all around. Summer concerts are one of the best part about this season. So far, I have only been to one summer concert in Toronto, but Coachella is definitely on my to-go to list. I got my fingers crossed on next Summer! Anyhow, this year I got to enjoy it through multimedia, including Instagram pictures, videos, and lots of Snapchat stories. It totally looked like a blast and I was super jealous I couldn’t be there! 

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One of the best moment and also a song added (or already have been) on my Spring playlist is Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. The Coachella version was added to my playlist on top of the original version. Lady Gaga used the piano during the show and it made her vocals so powerful. I was totally lowkey dancing at my laptop when I watched the video. Her voice is seriously amazing and she is definitely a worthwhile artist to see live! Not to mention another favorites of hers, a quick throwback, I am so obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons from the Victoria Secrete Fashion Show from last year. 

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A few songs that have been on my playlist for a few weeks now all come from the Billboard Top 100s. Most of you probably have heard of these at least once, or many time if you listen to radio music and this includes:

Starboy by the Weeknd have been on my playlist for months now! I am also pretty sure it has been on the Billboards for months too. If you have never heard of this, you are missing out. This song is such a great hit among practically everyone! My best friend and I have completely different taste in music but this is one song we can jam to together!

Another great song from the Billboard is That’s What I Like by yours truly, Bruno Mars, along with Sign of the Times by Harry Styles.

My Spring artist that takeover my playlist is The Chainsmokers! They are coming to Toronto in a month and I have already gotten tickets to see their show! I am super excited. I never used to be a big fan of EDM pop, but they definitely blew me away. My two favourite songs by them is Something Just Like This and Paris. The rest of the album is also very in par with their style. I was reading an article by Esquire the other day and how The Chainsmokers are like the Nickleback of EDM.

I am going to end the blog post with Ultra Music Fest that happened in March and fell in love with Tchami. This is more a DJ set jam, but the way he used music to turn up the crowd was perfection. Check him out!


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