It’s a new year and a perfect time get a few skincare habits in place to get that flawless skin for years to come. Having good skin takes on a bunch of different things combined, but you would be surprise how a few habits can work in your favor. Not to mention, taking good care of your skin when you are young will go a long way down the road too.

1) The first habit to follow is to wear sunscreen. I am guilty of sun tanning and staying out in the sun just to get a glowing skin. I recently learned that sun damage is super harsh on skin aging. This includes freckles, wrinkles, and spots. I highly recommend wearing products that have SPF 40 or higher underneath your foundation. This does not necessary have to be sunscreen. There are many different day serum, skin primer that state SPF on it. In addition to that, many liquid foundations also have SPF. Using both is the way to go.

2) Consider adding a day and night serum to your skincare routine. If you have never used serum before, I guarantee you are missing out. I have actually only started religiously use day and night serum a few months ago and notice a huge difference in terms of getting rid of redness and dark spots. Essentially, serum provide a concentrated dose of active ingredients that will help treat you skin (depending on what your skin needs). This includes: hydration, pigment lightening, dark spots, anti-aging, etc.

3) Choosing the right products for your skin type is also very important. In the past, I would just use whatever that is convenient or I may already have around. I learned the hard way that the skin cleanser I use was in fact making my face even more dry than it already was. Considering consulting with a dermatologist or even the skincare counter sales associate, they will have a better understanding or diagnostic of your skin type. Keep this in mind for the weather as well, it’s totally normal to have a different skin products for the summer versus winter.  

4) Watching your diet is also another skincare habit to follow for the new year. You may ask how food that is being intake with your mouth can relate to your skin? The answer is the toxins put in your body will somehow reflect on your skin. Food such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, deep fried food, etc. are food to avoid as much as possible. Food that will clear and glow your skin includes chia seed, sweet potatoes, almonds, sunflower seeds, orange juice and oily fish such as salmon. I also did a cucumber water detox for a week and found it quite helpful in terms of reducing redness on my skin.

5) The last thing to add is to do a mask once a week. I am the laziest person and also tell myself that I will put a mask on before bed tonight but never end up doing so. A mask however does have restore moisture in your skin, as well as deep cleanse, so I highly recommend it. This is definitely one of my own skincare habit to follow this year too!