September Favorite Beauty Products

There are a few great products that have popped up this month and it has been buzzing around ever since. Here are a few of the favorite beauty products you should have tried for the month if not try it for the month upcoming.

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 One of the newest line that just came out is the Brow Collection by Benefit. This line magically transform your eyebrows! Although Benefit has been doing brows for a long time, they have recently launched their brand new collection of a full brow products. They have reformulated a handful of their products, as well as added new shades and new colours! Their packaging has also be revamped to a stylish silver look. There are now six colours to choose from in their collection. The benefit brow collection have nine product in total including: ‘Precisely My Brow Pencil, Goof-Proof Brow Pencil, Ka-Brow, Ready, Set, Brow!’ Clear Gel, 3D Browtones’ Highlighting Gel, Browvo!’ Brow Primer, ‘High Brow’ Highlighter, Gimme Brow’ Brow Building Mascara, ‘Brow Zings’ Compact. I am super impressed with the new brow offerings by Benefit and this should be a new add-on to your beauty collection.

There is also this new product that is going viral known as the spray nail polish. Nail polish is fab but waiting for it to dry is not so fab after all. In fact it can get very annoying and frustrating waiting for your nails to try. A British brand call Nail’s Inc has recently launched a spray bottle nail polish that is finally available here in the US! All you have to do is apply a base coat and then spray the nail polish on, plus removing the excess via a wipe and ta-da!

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There are also the MAC collaboration with our one and only Arianne Grande. This Viva Glam line is super nice, it is based off of a deep purple colour shade – a bad girl themed. There is also a shimmery pink lip gloss in the line to keep it balanced. MAC is also having a collaboration with Selena Quintanilla. Since she recently passed away a few years ago, MAC has a new line in honour of her name – super thoughtful. Check out both lines!


Another great collaboration is Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay. The lipstick colors are bold and you definitely don’t want to miss out. All of Urban Decay’s lipsticks lasts so long and it apply on so smoothly. Even though I am not much of a Gwen Stefani fan, this line is not to be missed!

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