Tis the season for the aroma of love in the air because we are stepping into wedding season! Well actually if we are being honest here, we have hit that a few months ago. I just feel like no one really realize it’s wedding season until they start getting invited to a bunch of weddings or you see engagement all over social media. For me, I am still living my early 20’s and not even close to ready to settle down, but a few of my older sister’s friends are starting to get married, and I always seem to see her struggling to pick up a perfect wedding gift.

First thing first, a lot of bride and groom actually set up a registry and noted it on their invitation. Alternatively, some might even emphasize on the idea of cash-only gift as well. This really depends on how the couple is or what they have decided on. If they do then lucky you, because you get the easy way out. Trust me, it's not always this easy.

So, in today's blog post I pulled together a few wedding gift ideas within an array of budget. I would say the budget of the gift really depends on how close you are with the bride or groom. Do keep in mind, that dinner per guest at weddings are not cheap, especially if you are invited to a fancy banquet. 

One great idea I’ve been inspired via Pintrest home décor is Mr & Mrs bedding. I just love how sweet and simple the white pillow cases are! I found a large range of similar designs on Etsy. They can be fairly expensive but they are unique and handmade. My sister actually got a set for one of her friend and they are super high quality. I especially love this set because it comes with an adorable mini date pillow as well. There are other similar sets, such as "Monsieur and Madam" or "Senor and Senora". I highly recommend checking these out!

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If you know the couple is foodie, I got the most perfect gift idea. If you haven't heard subscription boxes as gifts are totally in these days. The Chef Box from Foodiepages.ca pretty much delivers monthly dose of kitchen goodies to their doorstep. I believe, at the moment, this is a Canadian thing only, but I am sure there are similar companies worldwide. In this particular one, they collaborate with Style at Home, Toronto Life. Chatelain to curate a top batch of Canadian edibles, and some recipes and cooking tip. You can choose from different length of subscription, a 6- month gift subscription is $300, and can deliver across Canada. This is also great if you can’t attend a friend wedding because they are across the country, but still want to leave a gift!

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I am a huge fan of Kate Spade and so when I found out they have a home, kitchen, and bed line, of course, I was so excited. And thus, I think they would make perfect wedding gifts. Some items aren’t too expensive, making it a perfect mix and match gift as well. Not going to lie, their home décor (although sooo cute) they are overpriced, and often times I probably wouldn’t splurge on it, and that is why it would make perfect wedding gifts! Can we take a second and gush over the chopping boards?! 


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