Hey girls! 

It's time for the start of the New Year so of course you need to decide what your nails will look like! Now New Years means different things for different people! Some people take it as just another year in the books and some take it as a fresh new year to improve. How do you want to start the year off? Bold? Quietly? Relaxed?


If you were looking to start it off  BOLD here are some options. 

Red will always be a go to for bold new nails! My top four bold color suggestions would be Red, Black, Orange, or Yellow. These color stand out the most when getting a manicure. You can spot any of these colors from a mile away so depending on what type of look you're going for these might be a great option. 



A Shape?

Now the shape can add the drama you might want to your nail look. The most popular shapes are square, stiletto, coffin or almond. The most dramatic out of the bunch would of course be the stiletto shaped nail which gives you the long and pointy look. The most office appropriate after the New Year and back to school nail would be any of the other options. 


A Design? 

Now you have so many options when it comes to this. Now you can keep it simple for the New Years because it is just ONE DAY and you do have to blend in to the rest of society the following morning so it's ok to do something simple. I personally wouldn't get "Happy New Year" spelled out on my nails but do whatever you feel is appropriate. 

Add some glitter, Add an extra nail color to throw off the rest of your all black nails, maybe a french tip or even try those holograph nails out that are all the rage. I would also talk to your nail tech and get some suggestions they of course will be able to give you all of their options. 


Should you match your nails with your outfit color? I think it depends on the color. Bright lime green nails may not be the best color to put on your nails for winter. You want to make sure your nail colors are in season as well. Matching your nails to your outfit isn't recommended but if you like it we love it. 


Now if you wanted to start off the New Year relaxed, here are some options. You can stick to your usual nail routine look or maybe this time add a french tip. Some people get comfortable and don't like straying from there usual too much so there are ways to get around this like trying two shades away from the color you usually use. That way you still get your comfort with the hint of something different. Maybe instead of trying that crazy colors on your nails you do it on your feet. It's winter your feet will be hidden from the world anyway. The most important thing is to pick what makes you comfortable/.


Tip: Remember generally most people keep there nail polish on for generally two weeks. So make sure you pick a color you can deal with for around that long.


Don't be afraid to experiment at the end of the day polish comes right off!

Don't go too crazy trying to pick a nail color when the celebration is the most important thing.