The holidays are around the corner and I know you guys want to be holiday ready so lets discuss "the perfect holiday lip". Now personally I don't think that there's a "specific holiday lip color" you should wear. But I will be giving you the top 3 colors below. Holiday season is generally known for everyone dressing up whether it's in your holiday party dress you ordered a month in advance, or your ugly Christmas sweater.  


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#1 Santa Red

Now this is always the first color people think of when you talk about a holiday lip color. Red associates us straight to Santa and Rudolphs nose. Now a lot of people don't think a bright red is appropriate for the office but around holiday season its especially acceptable. Now If you don't like a FIERY red there are so many different shades you can try. How about a burgundy that will look goof on our skin tone. You can always find a red thats a bit more toned down but still gets the point across!


#2 Nude

For those who don't like to go crazy with the lip color nude always gives you a warm look and kind of reminds me of the more relaxed side of the holidays. The hot chocolate sipping in front of the fireplace side. Nude is the perfect go to lipstick for a more calm holiday look. Nude is a go to for any occasion so feel free to whip it out for the holidays. Also when wearing nude lips you can liven up your eye makeup a little more to balance your look out. 

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#3 Pink

A nice layer of pink lipstick to the office party is always a great go to. You can wear it bright or nude it out, a nice pink can perfectly set your outfit off! It's not a color you would probably even think of for the holidays but trust me it's a perfect add on. Just because it's holiday season doesn't mean you have to be so bold with your makeup choices. A simple makeup look is sometimes best for the season. Also with a pink lip your face makeup doesn't have to be so bold, the pink will give you the extra boldness to finish off your look. 

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Quick Tips:


Try a matte lipstick for the holiday parties that way you won't get lipstick/gloss all over the glasses. Who likes smudged lipstick everywhere?


Thinking of trying an unusual lip color this holiday season? You may want to leave the green lipstick at home, unless it's a grinch themed party you're attending. Black lipstick would just kill the holiday spirit and blue lipstick would just be weird. 


Don't go crazy! Who says you have to do anything extra with your makeup for the holidays? Do whatever look makes you happy!


Don't forget you can mix your lip pencils with your lipsticks to get the perfect lipstick tone you are looking for. Maybe you feel like your lipstick is too bold use a dark pencil on your lips and dab the lipstick on top just enough to get a good mix of the two shades. 


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