The month of November always go by so fast. The holiday season is around the corner and it so exciting. My favorite thing about the holidays is the endless shopping. This is also the best month to gather your favorites so you can start making your wish list of the holiday. Here are a few great products in November that can be added on to the list. 

Foreo is the newest cleanser that is a must need. This Swedish designed tool helps with exfoliating. It is made with nylon bristles that can collect makeup residue. The silicone brush helps with gentle cleansing. It is super sanitary and it is super cute!

 There is a major addiction for super stylish pins that are going around. They are not expensive at all and can spice up your complete outfit. These enamel pin are made from gold plate. There are so many to choose from, from a mini sirrach bottle to a cup of coffee that says “fuelled by caffeine”, you can easily find one that matches your personality best! These also make great personalized Christmas stuffers!

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Candles with a surprise is also super popular! How this works is you first have to burn the candle and half way through you get a ring. The ring is then appraised for up to $5 000 in value. Charmed Aroma have a great line of scents. There are so many to choose from. Their packaging is also so cute and perfect as a decor in the house! Another line they have are bath bombs too. Once the bath bomb is dropped in the water, you can reveal your ring. 

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One thing that came out very recently is a new type of nailpolish which is really cool! This is something everyone wants to try. Instead of liquid nail polish there is a powder that works like nailpolish. You have to dip your nails in the powder a few times and your nails are done. It is a natural material and does not damage your nail in an way. The technology for this is very interesting, but the colors are endless to choose from. This is to be grown into salons all across the world and can be done at home.  This Youtube video will tell you more on how it works! 

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The cold weather also calls for a new scarf. Either it is a wool scarf of a large cozy blanket scarf. It is time to gear up on the cold weather accessories. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of earmuffs, mittens and a hat too. More importantly soon enough you will have to bring out your winter jacket too, but for now a Fall jacket will do!