There are many great looks you can try out for the New Years. This is a great time to take advantage of the new beauty products you got from Christmas. Here are some unique and easy to do makeup looks for this year :D There are also some great ones that are celebrity inspired.

If you are going to wear a metallic dress like Ashley Madekwe in the Saint Laurent dress (photo below), then you should try going for a bit more highlight on the face and the eyes too. This is because when you outfit is too eye catching and attention drawing, having your face balance along will really slim the overall look out. This will also give the whole look a similar mood tone. Try using products like bronzer that is one shade deeper than the complexion to add dimension. This is a call for your contouring skills. Contour the forehead, cheeks and side of the nose for the best effect.

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Another great trend that is good for the new year is Copper Smokey Eyes. The Smoky Palette from Urban Decay is great for this look. This look is very polished and sexy. This look was previously seen on runways such as Alexander Wang and DKNY. This look is also very easy to do; the trick is to sweep shimmery white shadow from the lash line to the brow bone first. Then go ahead and add copper shade on the lid. An option for even more dimension and drama, add brown to the crease of the eye. All of these colors can be found on the Smoky palette. They really have some great colors to experiment with.


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The classic glossy red lips are also a great look for the new year. The red gloss or even the lipstick is an iconic beauty staple and also a great look to start the year. The crimson red is often the color a lot of people go for, but not everyone can pull it off, some might go even darker, to a dreamy blood red or a brighter to a bubbly bold red. Check out the photo below of a guide to help you pick your perfect red! The trick to pulling off new years with bold red lips is to lighten up the rest of your makeup. Since there is such a big focus on the lips, avoid heavy eye or cheek makeup. A swipe of mascara can go a long way when your lips are done right.

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Another trend that can be tried this new year is metallic lips. This is so much bolder and eye catching than the red.

January 06, 2017 — AN Commerce