Every pay day I end up buying a whole new stash of makeup to try out and of course, I don’t love it all, but some products are definitely to die for. January pay day was no different as I went out and spent all of my money straight away (I left myself broke but it was worth it), but I also dug out a few bits I’d had hiding in my drawers and rediscovered my love for them. So here are my favorites!

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover
This is a new one this month and although I’ve only used in a handful of times I really love it! After seeing the advert for this and noticing that it covers tattoos(!) I knew I had to get it, plus it was on offer at my local Boots and I had enough Boots points to get it for free (always a bonus). It covers my imperfections really well and stays matte all day and night. It may not be the best choice if you have really dry skin but you could always give it a go with a hydrating primer underneath! It’s not really a day-to-day foundation for me, just because full coverage seems a bit too much as a day look to me and it’s not always necessary, but it’s perfect for nights out and events as it’ll leave you looking flawless and it won’t budge whilst you’re out on the dance floor!

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Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light
So I’ve had this for a while now (around a year and a half I’d say) as I picked it up when contouring first because a ‘thing’ and I’m a bit of a sheep. I wasn’t a massive fan at first – mainly because I didn’t know how to use it – but this past couple of weeks I’ve been using it a lot more. I did buy the NYX Bronzer in Light but as my fellow pasties know, light isn’t always light enough. With the NYX bronzer I had to tap off all excess and gently pat it on my face, which still made me look orange as hell. I compared the two and the Maybelline is a lot more cool-toned (not as much as I’d like but I can make it work) so I’ve been using it as a bronzer instead!

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MUA Colour Corrector in Yellow
Another one that I’ve dug back out! I was using the MUA colour corrector a while ago before I bought the NYX liquid versions and I realized I never actually polished off the last of my yellow one. I whipped it back out last week and I don’t know why I ever left it – the MUA one is so much better! It gives a degree of coverage that NYX just doesn’t – so I’m loving it at the minute and I’m rushing out to buy another ASAP!

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L’Oreal True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator in Icy Glow
L’Oreal are killing it at the minute – especially with the True Match range! I already have the foundation and powder highlighter so this liquid illuminator seemed worth a try and I love it! It’s perfect for a natural glow look (I like to switch between natural and blinding) because it looks so effortless. You can apply it with pretty much anything (fingers, brush, sponge) and you can build the intensity of it, so it’s perfect if you’re traveling and don’t want to take a few different highlighters with you. The other colors look just as beautiful as the Icy Glow, I just wish I had a bit more color to my skin to give it a try!

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Kylie Lip Kit in Exposed
I’ve had this for a while after buying it off a friend about a year ago – back when I needed every lip kit color. I did like it but I wasn’t as besotted with it as I was with my Koko K, mainly because sometimes it looked a little bit orange against my skin. So skip forward to last week when I was wearing a mustard jumper that doesn’t seem to look right with any of my pinks, purples or reds, so I whipped out Exposed. I don’t know what it is, maybe it was the bronzer (I’ve only recently started wearing it) but it didn’t look orange anymore. It looked like a proper nude, not too dark and not too cool-toned – a perfect nude. It’s safe to say I’ve rediscovered my love of Exposed and I’m already getting a lot more use out of it. It’s my go-to now if I fancy sticking on a lipstick but I’m not feeling a brighter color!

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