Every once in a while, I love writing a blog post on the things I am up to. Even though I am in school, I am not going to lie but I spent a lot of my time (too much) watching TV shows on Netflix. Most of the time I would start an episode while eating lunch or dinner, three hours later I am in bed binging. I have my fingered crossed to get good grades this semester. In today’s blog post I will going through a few of my favourite most recently watched TV shows. These are all shows I have completed and up-to-date, so I highly recommend all these shows to you!



This show is based on a Manhattan top corporate lawyer firm. He end up hiring a brilliant college dropout who isn’t really a lawyer but has the intelligence of a Harvard graduate. This show is filled with gorgeous looking people with super witty personalities. The show is also filled with love, office drama, plus exciting twists and turns. Throughout the six seasons there are some really good character development. I actually re-watched season one to four twice because by the time season five and six came out I kinda forgot some of the details. 

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Jane the Virgin

I started this show about a month ago and I am all caught up. I love how Netflix automatically update the episodes as it’s going on – such a bonus! This show is more of a comedy-drama based on a religious Latina virging. There are some really funny parts and plots in there. It’s also super cute through the romantic scenes. There are some parodies throughout the show based on Latina telenovelas. This show definitely don’t require too much thinking and an easy, causal show to watch. There are some exciting scenes and a little bit of violence every now and then. I’ve really enjoyed it and will be keeping up with it. However, this isn’t a show I would re-watch again.


The Good Wife

So after seven seasons later, the Good Wife has come to an end. I still remember the watching the last episode of Netflix, and not knowing it was the last episode. I was SO sad to find it after that there wasn’t m ore to it. I was definitely not emotionally prepared at all for the whole show to end. There is however a chronology called The Good Fight that is to be aired. This show is based on family love and political drama. It is based on the wife of the Cook County State’s Attorney. She returns to her career in law once her husband sexual scandal corrupted. The power of Alicia (the wife) is so inspiring. I highly recommend this show and I would probably re-watch this again in a few years. 

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

My boyfriend and I started this show and we love it! It’s so funny and “chill” to watch. We usually watch an episode before bed. This is a sitcom based off of a police station and their team. Jake Peralta (the main character) is super relaxed and care-fre e but ends up doing great things. There is a bit of a romance going on with a fellow co-worker too. The detectives are all so funny with their own distinctive character style!

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I love checking out new shows. I have started on Mindy Project a few days ago and I am loving it so far!