There are some makeup looks that we need to just leave in the past. Matter fact lets delete them from makeup history all together. It's one thing to be creative and a whole other thing to look foolish. Here are some makeup regrets we never need to see again. 


1| Colorful lashes

I'll never forget being someone in the grocery store with green lashes. It was the oddest thing I'd seen in years. Colorful lashes are not a trend that we need to ever discuss again. Lets stick to natural color lashes please!

Image Courtesy of Steph Royalty | via


2| Rhinestone lips

This is something that I saw last year and it has made a return for the holidays. Rhinestone lips looks exactly how it's described. I've seen people do tutorials where they pick each rhinestone one by one and apply it to their lips. Its a tedious and hideous process. Who wants disco ball lips? 


3| Clown Face Application

This is more so a way to put your makeup on in which you start off looking like a clown and then you blend in each section how you normally would apply your makeup. I saw a lot of reviews on this method and people said you waste a lot of makeup doing this. The clown face application is more so of a youtube trend that took off. Not something you would do as an everyday makeup routine people. 


4| Incomplete Looks

I see this often where people don't complete their makeup looks. Just some lipstick and their fake lashes on or just their eyeshadow and some chapstick. Please complete your looks ladies, not meaning you have to have a full face but if you're going to start it please finish. 


5| Not Blending

This is probably the biggest makeup regret. You ever look back at a picture and you can immediately tell that your makeup was not properly blended! Always make sure that you blend properly and check in good lighting! Lighting can make you easily make a makeup faux pa!


Image Courtesy of Steph Royalty | via


6| Glue those lashes down!

I hate seeing lashes practically falling off someones eyes! Always make sure those girls and glued down!