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Instagram Beauty Favourites

Instagram has been a while now (6 whole years, doesn’t that make you feel old?) and as a user since it first came out, there’s a lot of talent to find on there. You’ve got everything, whatever you’re looking for you’re bound to find it on Instagram. But one place where it really strives is in the beauty world. Whenever I’m after a swatch of the latest Kylie Lip Kit release or I’m trying to decide which Colourpop lipstick to go for, I check the hashtag, because I know it’s my best bet! Everyday there’s an abundance of new looks and artistic creations on my news feed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, I thought I’d share my favorites!

As Andrea states in her bio – makeup is art. And she is the perfect example of this. She creates the most amazing looks (how good is that pop art?!) and her photos are flawless. I actually first found her account when looking for ABH swatches and I’m so glad I did! I love someone that posts quite a few swatches – but Andrea tops the rest because she actually swatches a few of them on her lips at the same time, giving you an easy and convenient way to compare the colors against each other!

Millie is one I’ve followed for a couple of years and I’ve always admired her account. Her whole theme seems to have a vintage touch to it (that might sound weird but I’m sticking with it) and I love the flatlays she creates. There’s such a lovely mixture of beauty-oriented photos and pictures of her adorable little girl on her account, that’s something I really love because a few personal photos (as opposed to all blog photos all the time) can give you more of a sense of they are as a person. That definitely makes her account one of my favorites!

Georgia is another person I’ve followed for a while now and she’s so so talented. She’s a MAC makeup artist and I adore the looks she creates on their themed launch days and her nights out! Her makeup is always impeccable and she’s lately become a bit of fitspo for me too! She’s definitely a go-to for makeup inspiration during my late-night practice sessions, hopefully I’ll be able to replicate some of them properly one day!

Anouska isn’t so much makeup based beauty as the rest of these, but mainly because she has her own nail range! I’ve followed her for so long now and to see her progress so much is amazing! I’ll always be insanely jealous of her hair and style, because I mean, have you seen her?! But her nail range is amazing, who wouldn’t want Drake or mermaid nails everyday?

Ok so remember the girl that gave birth with flawless makeup a little while ago? This is her! When her photo went viral I immediately searched for her on Instagram because, I mean, goals (and her baby’s cute too). She’s self-taught MUA and every look she uploads is sheer perfection. Kind of dressy but you could wear it every day if you’re fierce enough, you know? Plus, I don’t think I know of anyone that pulls off super short hair or a rainbow of beautiful colors the way that she does!

If you’ve never heard of Gina then where have you been for the last few years? Gina is a UK Youtuber and her Instagram is jam-packed full of her latest makeup looks and adventures. She recently posted a pretty impressive Harley Quinn look and her flawless pale complexion definitely makes me feel a little bit better about my own alabaster skin! The best part though is definitely the fact that she gives product details on near enough every photo, so you’re never left checking the comments every day to find out which lipstick she’s wearing or how she’s achieved her perfect brows!

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