If you’re anything like me – a bit poor and very tight with the money you do have – then spa days are reserved for special occasions and gifts. But, everyone loves a good pamper and it’s easy enough to recreate at home with a few bits you have lying around or things that can be found pretty easily in any shopping centre! I always have pamper supplies lying around, ready and waiting for my next opportunity to chill – and I’d definitely recommend building up a stash yourself!

Nothing beats a good bubble bath to start off a pamper session and I like my baths piping hot (so hot that I come out looking like a lobster). Of course, the more bubbles the better so I use my Lush Comforter bubble bar because it just gives off so much more than a regular bubble bath you’d buy in a supermarket. It’s not very often I’m out of some some of bath melt or bomb either and at the minute I have the Nature’s Soap Calendula Sunshine bath truffle which gives off the most relaxing scent whilst adding a bit of moisture to my skin at the same time! A body scrub is another thing I tend to reach for when I want to feel a bit more polished than usual and right now I have the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life to get through – the only issue with this one is that it has microbeads, I definitely prefer to use a Nature’s Soap sugar scrub but I’m out at the minute!

Moisturising is a key part of body care but I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t keep up with it as well as I should do. You should really be moisturising every day but for me it tends to be more of a part of pampering (I will get my act together sometime soon) because when you’re all smooth and polished there’s nothing better than a good moisturiser. I don’t tend to get through it too quickly because I don’t use it daily so I do have a bit of a collection, but the one I seem to reach for most is my Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, It has a sweet floral scent to it and it leaves you feeling nice and silky instead of greasy!

I try my best to do my nails weekly because by the end of the week they’re usually chipped and broken but when it comes to a pamper session I spend a lot more time on them! I like to trim them down with either clippers or scissors (nail scissors, please don’t go raiding your kitchen), sort out my cuticles with some cuticle sticks, give them a good file and buff and then start deciding on a colour to wear! My go-to colours at the minute are all Barry M (of course) in Mushroom, Berry Cosmo, Raspberry and Starfish – perfect nudes and colours for Autumn!

Face Mask
Best bit for last, of course! I love face masks, I’d wear them all day if it were possible without drying my skin out completely. Face masks are the area that I’m always stocked up with more than I need in because I just love them so much! At the minute I’m trying out a few Superdrug own brand ones so I’ve got the Cucumber Cooling Clay mask and Chocolate Orange Self Heating mask to give a go. I’m a big fan of Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty and have been for a while now, it’s an amazing one to use in summer because the mint is so refreshing and cools your face right down! I’ve recently picked up the new(ish) L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask too and it’s slowly creeping it’s way to my top spot, it dried so quickly and completely mattified my face for hours afterwards (hallelujah!) so I’d 100% recommend it to my fellow oily-faced folks!

There are so many other things to make a home spa day relaxing for each individual – for me it’s my pink fuzzy dressing gown and some Dr Pepper – but I think these 4 are quite universal and I know that some men are likely to include these in their home spa routine too!